Education for all is the key to freedom

first_img Comments are closed. Education for all is the key to freedomOn 9 Oct 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article I have stared in amazement at my television, just like you, appalled by thedisplay of fanaticism that murdered thousands of people from dozens ofcountries in the World Trade Center attacks. First of all, it places our differences in industry in proper perspective.Fanaticism of any sort, in the end, is counterproductive to the ends it claimsto serve. It makes me proud to be a step-by-step man, a wishy-washy Fabian and proudto agree with Albert Camus, the French political philosopher, who wonderfullyremarked that he would jump at the opportunity of joining a political party forthose of us who are not quite sure. For everyone in industry, the shadow of the international coalition againstterrorism hangs over everything. But life must go on. There is a key issue thathas been concerning union opinion this month. Is it still possible to sustainthe rate of progress for employees without more law? On several fronts –extending workplace education, consulting and informing the workforce andmodernising public service management – the need for more legislation is on thelips of progressive opinion. And yet red tape is a reality for so many businesses and public authoritiesalike. We are all familiar with the small business complaints of endlessform-filling and persecution from public officials. I am not sure how manyrealise just how stupid it is in public authorities to have so much resourcesquandered on audit trails. So much investment everywhere is diverted fromimproving the quality and quantity of the product into assessing, monitoring,reporting and publicising what has been done. This polemical point would have even more effect, however, if companiesbehaved themselves voluntarily. Can’t they consult with their workforce withoutthe intervention of the EU convention? Can’t they see trade unions as partnersrather than enemies within? Can’t they understand that when workers know whatis going on they work harder, better, longer? We need to change a culture that reflects employers’ appalling lack ofaspiration in upskilling their workforce. Employees are being encouraged byindividual learning accounts, Learndirect, and the Union Learning Fund to lifttheir expectations of themselves. Does it need legislation to make employerslet people go to courses? Does it need monitoring, assessing and threatening tomake employers see that vocational education is the key to their liberation aswell as their employees’? World-class management is needed in small companies and public services andis increasingly available. We should not have to use the law to liberate usfrom our past. It would be best to work together – voluntarily, step-by-step,as equals. The poverty of aspiration should concern us all. By John Lloyd, National officer, the Amalgamated Engineering and ElectricalUnion Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

David Ortiz arrives at Boston hospital after getting shot in Dominican Republic

first_imgJune 10, 2019 /Sports News – National David Ortiz arrives at Boston hospital after getting shot in Dominican Republic FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailChristian Petersen/Getty Images(SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic) — Red Sox legend David “Big Papi” Ortiz arrived in Boston on Monday night from a hospital in the Dominican Republic after he was shot in the back at a nightclub by a man who police say confessed to the ambush attack. The bullet entered Ortiz’s back and exited through his abdomen, according to Ortiz’s father, Americo Enrique Ortiz, who spoke to reporters outside the hospital in Santo Domingo where his son was being treated. He said his son got out of surgery just after midnight on Monday and was in stable condition. Sam Kennedy, the Red Sox president and chief executive officer, said Monday afternoon that the team sent a medical air ambulance to pick up Ortiz and jet him back to Boston to be treated at Massachusetts General Hospital. He said he hoped Ortiz would be back in Boston “sometime later tonight.”Ortiz arrived at Massachusetts General Hospital around 9:30 p.m. on Monday.“David Ortiz is one of the most celebrated and beloved members of the Red Sox family,” said Kennedy, adding that the shooting was jarring news to the team, from the front office to the players, coaches and fans.In the Dominican Republic, Dr. Abel Gonzalez said the shooting left Ortiz, the married father of three children, with significant injuries.“The wound caused damage to the liver [and] small intestine. We had to remove part of the intestines as well as [part of] the liver,” Gonzalez said at a news conference Monday afternoon.The shooting unfolded Sunday night at the Dial Bar and Lounge, a nightclub in the nation’s capital. Security camera footage acquired by ABC News shows a crowded bar with people scattering after shots are fired and Ortiz, sitting at the bar, appear to grab his side and then collapse.The man who allegedly shot Ortiz was identified by police as 25-year-old Eddy Feliz Garcia.Garcia reportedly confessed to shooting Ortiz, according to Frank Félix Duran, a spokesman for the Dominican Republic National Police. Duran declined to elaborate on what the suspect told the police.In a brief statement, police said they do not believe robbery was the motive.Garcia apparently tried to flee the nightclub after the shooting but onlookers immediately stopped and attacked him before he was turned over to the police and taken to a hospital for treatment. He was treated and released into police custody.Garcia suffered a head contusion, trauma to his thorax and injuries to his left knee and right leg when the crowd detained him, according to the Dominican Republic National Health Service.Duran said Garcia appeared to be under the influence when police took him into custody. He said police are awaiting a toxicology report to determine if Garcia was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.Duran said Garcia has a criminal record, including minor drug trafficking arrests.Kennedy, the Red Sox president, said a medical team in Boston has been in communication with physicians treating Ortiz in the Dominican Republic. He said Ortiz’s condition is “still serious.”“But he is stable enough to be transported back here to Boston to continue care,” Kennedy said.Dr. Gonzalez said Ortiz was conscious on Monday afternoon and his blood pressure was good.“Today, his tubes were removed, he opened his eyes and the first thing he asked was to see his family,” González said of Ortiz. “He is in good spirits, waiting to travel to Boston this afternoon to see his physician and his wife.”Americo Ortiz also attended the news conference and personally thanked the doctors and staff at the Abel González Center for Advanced Medicine in Santo Domingo who treated his son and likely saved his life.He said he wanted to make it clear that his son, who was born in Santo Domingo and is one of the most famous baseball players in the country’s rich history of the sport, was not being taken back to the U.S. because of lack of service in the Dominican Republic.“We are very satisfied with the service,” said Americo Ortiz, explaining that his son’s family and personal doctors are in Boston.David Ortiz left the hospital by ambulance just after 5 p.m. local time on Monday and was driven to an airport to be placed on the medical ambulance jet.“Our thoughts are with David Ortiz, who is reportedly hospitalized after being shot in his hometown of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic,” MLB tweeted on its official Twitter account.News of Ortiz being shot reached some Boston officials, including Mayor Marty Walsh, as they were helping to launch a new gun violence prevention effort in the city.“It’s a tough situation. Hopefully, he’s OK. He’s such a big Boston icon and part of our city, part of our life here in Boston,” Mayor Walsh told ABC affiliate WCVB-TV in Boston.Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said she is praying for Ortiz to make a full recovery.“There’s nobody who’s a bigger fighter who knows how to step up in a time of crisis than Big Papi,” Healey said told WCVB.Ortiz was part of three Red Sox World Series championship teams — in 2004, 2007 and 2013. He’s credited with helping to break the so-called “Curse of the Bambino,” derived from the Red Sox sale of Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees in 1918 and, according to superstition, led to Boston’s 86-year championship drought.Lovingly known as “Big Papi,” he was a 10-time All-Star, seven-time Silver Slugger winner and finished in the top 5 in MVP voting five times. He was also the World Series MVP in 2013.Hall of Fame pitcher Pedro Martinez, a legend in the Dominican Republic in his own right, and a former teammate with Ortiz on the 2004 champion Red Sox team, tweeted, “I’m at peace knowing you out of danger, you a strong man Compai, can’t wait to hear your voice.”Ortiz retired from baseball in 2016. He hit .315 and led the American League in doubles and runs batted in during his final season, but held fast in his decision to walk away from the game as he had announced months earlier.He finished his career with 541 career home runs, 17th all-time, and was eighth all-time in extra-base hits (1,192) and 12th all-time in doubles (632).Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved. Written bycenter_img Beau Lundlast_img read more


first_imgWe hope that today’s “READERS FORUM” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way? IS IT TRUE that the customers of the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility are about to realize the cost of a half century of neglect as the build out of projects to bring the City of Evansville into compliance with the EPA mandate to cease the practice of dumping raw sewage into the Ohio River are resulting in price increases to cover the debt used to improve the sewers?…over the course of the next two or three years the average water bill for modest usage of 5,000 gallons per month will be increasing by a whopping 37% to $44.53 per month?…that during the same time period the sewer bill will be increasing by a budget busting 21% to an average of $70.07 per month?…this means that in a matter of between 13 and 25 months the average customer of the negligent Evansville Water and Sewer Utility will be shelling out $114.60 per month for these basic services?…the required projects are really just getting started and annual increases in the double digits are expected to continue over the next 20 years as the half decade of negligence is methodically corrected?IS IT TRUE are told that prospective residents, current customers, and prospective businesses will need to think twice about whether or not Evansville can still be a place they can afford to be?…with the anticipated increases we can expect an average sewer and water bill to increase to $230 per month by 2027, $460 per month by 2034, and $920 per month as we cross the 2040 threshold?…that for $920 one can make a house payment on a $200,000 mortgage?…that as the water and sewer bills continue to escalate Evansville remains in the grip of a legislated monopoly that the IURC (Indiana Utilitites Regulatory Commission) has authorized to charge us the highest electricity rates in Indiana by a massive amount and the highest electricity to average per capita income ratio in the United States?…the day is coming in River City where the water, sewer, electricity, and gas bills combined will exceed the principle, interest, and insurance charge for a middle class mortgage?…from a cash flow perspective these excessive utility prices will most likely devalue real estate by many thousands  of  dollars per meter?IS IT TRUE that it has been reported that the deal for Vectren to be bought out will result in substantially all of the executive management team heading to the unemployment line?…it pays well to be a high-level employee at Vectren as the first round of casualties will be heading to the unemployment line with a golden handshake that equals TWO YEARS OF SALARY?…in the most extreme case this may amount to over $6 Million for one person and well into 6 figures for several others?…some well-known locals will keep their jobs in SW Indiana in roles that range from Senior VP to market President?…all of these massive severance payments which will amount to tens of millions of dollars essentially are coming out of the pockets of the already overburdened ratepayers of SW Indiana?…blue collar Evansville is most certainly paying the bills of the coastal enclaves of elitism?IS IT TRUE we encourage you to take a drive down to the Weast Franklin Street area and then go to the recently renovated $18 million dollars North Main Street corridor and you shall see what business owners can do to promote their areas?  …that the West Franklin Street shopping area business owners have done a good job in creating a “Norman Rockwell” Christmas atmosphere without any public subsidies?  …when you go to the public subsidized North Main Street corridor you will discover that there no Christmas atmosphere from the Lloyd Expressway to the entrance of Garvin Park? …ever since “JACOBSVILLE JOIN-IN” group abruptly shut down without informing members of the City Council, Jacobsville Neighborhood Association or citizens of Jacobsville the marketing efforts of that area are in a dormant stage?IS IT TRUE we hope that the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor, Nick Hermann will bid out the lucrative “Drug Tracking Testing” contract starting in 2019?IS IT TRUE for many years we haven’t received the agendas and/or the official minutes of the meetings of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC)?  ….that the City-County Observer plans to file a formal complaint with the Indiana Public Access Officer against the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) for not sending us their agendas and/or official minutes of the meetings of the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) for several years?  …it’s time that our readers know what’s what kind of decisions are being made by members of the school board?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: How do you rank the Evansville City Councils job performance in 2018?If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us at City-County [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy. Be kind to people. No personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated and shall be removed from our site.We understand that sometimes people don’t always agree and discussions may become a little heated.  The use of offensive language, insults against commenters will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site. Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertisers. FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Open consultation: Branded medicines: statutory scheme

first_imgThe government has published its response to the consultation on proposed changes to the statutory scheme that controls the cost of branded health service medicines.A revised payment percentage for 2020 will be set from 1 April 2020 and the payment percentage for 2021 has been adjusted. These are set out in the response document.There have been changes to the impact assessment in response to consultation feedback.The finalised regulations and explanatory memorandum have been published.,This consultation seeks views on proposed changes to the statutory scheme to control the costs of branded medicines.The consultation focuses specifically on proposed amendments to the payment percentages that are currently set out in the legislation for the statutory scheme.We propose adjusting the payment percentages for 2020 and 2021 to help ensure allowed growth in statutory scheme sales of branded medicines to the NHS is limited to the current rate of 1.1% per year.last_img read more

MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur Goes All-Out Phish Nerd With Lyric Mashup For Year-End Sign-Off [Watch]

first_imgThis year was a big one for Katy. In addition to her regular TV-oriented reporting, she also published a new book, Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat To The Craziest Campaign In American History, which chronicles her time covering the political circus that was the Donald Trump Presidential campaign. Unbelievable has been extremely successful, quickly becoming a New York Times Bestseller (spoiler alert: she talks about Phish in the book, too).EXCLUSIVE: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Talks Her Love Of Phish & Sneaking Lyrics Into The NewsFor her sign-off yesterday, Katy let her Phish flag fly wild and high. She recited a minute-long monologue that, to the average viewer, probably sounded like loosely relevant cryptic poetry. It just so happened that the segment was an extended mashup of lyrics from a long list of Phish songs, although she never mentioned the band by name. Tur wore a cheeky smile the whole way through, taking great pleasure in giving her fellow fans a personalized shout-out hidden in plain sight. As Katy says at the end of the bit: “If you got it, you got it.”Watch Katy unload a barrage of Phish lyrics for her a year-end sign-off on MSNBC uploaded by YouTube user Bohart Smithson: Happy Phishmas, Katy! See you at the Garden… I don’t know if you guys have heard, but MSNBC new correspondent Katy Tur loves Phish…OK, you’ve definitely heard by now–she’s not exactly shy about it, assuming you know what to listen for. In addition to serving as the anchor for MSNBC Live and reporting for Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and more, Tur serves as the network’s resident Phish fanatic, frequently working subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to the band’s music into her on-air news scripts or using lyrics to trade shout-outs with fellow phan news personality Jake Sherman. They’re usually met with the same odd stares and confusion from her co-hosts–a reaction most fans are fully familiar with in their own lives when their Phish nerd is showing.last_img read more

The Fans Have Spoken! The Top 10 Thrillers That Should Come to Broadway

first_imgGone Girl The Talented Mr. Ripley The Sixth Sense The Shining The Silence of the Lambs View Comments Fight Clubcenter_img The stage adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller Misery opened on Broadway this week, which got us thinking about other adaptations that could chill and thrill on the Great White Way. With that in mind, we started thinking of movie thrillers that should come to the New York stage. (Misery, after all, is already a knockout movie). We asked you to weigh in on ranking site Culturalist. So what are your choices for the top 10 movie thrillers that should be adapted for Broadway? The results are in; take a look! Rear Window Black Swan Inception Psycholast_img read more

Vegetable disease

first_imgBy Brad HaireUniversity of GeorgiaIn the Southeast, thrips are tomato and pepper farmers’ No. 1 enemy. The tiny, plant-feeding bugs carry a disease that can devastate their crops. A $1.75 million grant will help experts with the University of Georgia and other universities in the region develop ways to stop the damage. “The key pest for Georgia, north Florida and up through the Carolinas are no doubt thrips-vectored viruses,” said David Riley, a research entomologist with the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. “It’s the one that will make or break the crop.”Over the next four years, Riley will lead a multistate, interdisciplinary team of experts from CAES, the University of Florida, Clemson University and North Carolina State University. The goal is to drastically reduce the risk and damage of the tomato spotted wilt virus. The U.S. Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service will fund the effort.Each university included in the grant has faculty working on ways to control TSWV and thrips in their state. This grant will provide the funding and direction needed to coordinate the efforts into strategies farmers can use throughout the region, said Terry Kelley, a vegetable horticulturist with UGA Cooperative Extension.“Several individual variables that impact tomato spotted wilt virus on tomatoes and peppers have been identified in recent years. This grant will provide the means to look at combinations of these variables and determine the best overall system to use in combating it,” Kelley said. “Hopefully the result will be a strategy that growers can employ to reduce the impact of TSWV every season on their farms.”TSWV is mainly carried by tobacco thrips and Western flower thrips. The disease costs tomato and pepper farmers in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina as much as $100 million in preventive management and damage annually. The four states combined produce half of the nation’s fresh tomato and pepper supply, worth $1.3 billion annually. “This is the hot zone for tomato spotted wilt virus in the U.S.,” Riley said.The virus can destroy 20 percent to 30 percent of a field in any year or all of a field in a bad year, said Bill Brim, a vegetable farmer in Tifton, Ga. The few TSWV-resistant varieties available to farmers now can succumb to the virus over time.“This virus can devastate us.” said Brim, who is president of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. “We’re excited about this grant. The research and work that will come from it will help us stay ahead of the game on this in the future.”Riley hopes to develop a risk index, or a planning tool, that farmers can use to score their crop’s chances of getting the disease. By combining resistant plants, different types of plastics to cover planting beds, thrips population predictions, chemicals and chemical application times, farmers can reduce the damage the disease causes.In the mid-1990s, CAES experts developed a similar index for the disease in peanuts. It helped farmers drastically reduce the damage it causes that crop annually.“We won’t eliminate the virus. It will always be around,” Riley said. “But I am confident in time we will be able to eliminate the damage it causes.”last_img read more

Resorts giving from Vermonters for Vermonters

first_imgThe word ‘giving’ means a lot in Vermont; it’s a way of life. Individual citizens, communities, businesses and families work to help one another in creative, often inspiring ways. The rally of Vermonters for Vermonters during post Irene efforts was a clear example of our people’s natural sense to lend a hand. This willingness to help is not new; at Vermont ski resorts, the pursuit of prosperity for others has been exhibited for decades through on-mountain fundraisers, charitable giving and volunteer events. Vermont resorts give nearly 11,000 complimentary tickets/passes and several thousand deeply discounted tickets to school children annually. There are also incentives for kids to hit the books as well as the slopes, as many resorts offer season passes to academic achievers.Resorts recognize and appreciate Vermont’s volunteers and local rescue organizations with complimentary lift tickets and passes; Vermont resorts donate 9,000 lift tickets/passes annually. Military and their families are also eligible for special programs, some complimentary and others discounted at many Vermont resorts.The Ski Vermont Fifth Grade Passport enables all fifth grade children to ski and ride and proceeds from the $10 processing fee go to Keep Local Farms. Last season, $8,500 was contributed and more than 2,400 kids utilized their passport to visit Vermont’s mountains. To find out more on Vermont’s Fifth Grade Passport program and to receive an application, visit Here are more stories we’d like to pay forward:Stowe’s FCS Race for Kids has Raised More than $1 Million for Three CharitiesA very special annual event will take place January 5 through 7, 2012 at Stowe Mountain Resort. Members of the business and media communities will come together to ski-race and raise money for…Read Full ReleaseBolton Resort Partners with Non-Profits to Provide Programs to At-Risk Youth, People with Disabilities and Other Philanthropic OrganizationsAs the first resort nationwide to partner with Chill, founded by Jake and Donna Burton in 1995, Bolton Valley works with to reaching at-risk youth through snowboarding…Read Full ReleaseThe Stratton Foundation has Focused on Community for 15 YearsStratton Mountain Resort has long been involved in a variety of philanthropic initiatives. Recognizing a need in the local community, paired with the great potential for positive impact…Read Full ReleaseEducation is a Recurring Theme in Okemo Mountain Resort’s Philanthropic EffortsOkemo Mountain Resort promotes a culture of support for local community and charitable giving. Resort operators Tim and Diane Mueller lead by example…Read Full ReleaseSmugglers’ Notch Resort Supports Local Efforts and Make a Wish FoundationContinuing a tradition begun more than 20 years ago, this winter Smugglers’ Notch Resort will host two families with children sponsored by the Make A Wish Foundation, to fulfill their simple…Read Full ReleaseTrapp Family Lodge Hosts the Country’s Only Relay for Life NordicStyleFor the past eight years, the Trapp Family Lodge has proudly hosted the Relay for Life NordicStyle, a fun-filled, overnight cross country ski and snowshoe event that enlists hundreds of…Read Full ReleaseSugarbush Resort has Deep Roots in the Community and the Future of VermontSugarbush Resort supports a number of organizations and causes through charitable giving, volunteerism and partnership programs. Sugarbush’s signature charitable program, Be Better Days,.. Read Full Release.last_img read more

Women in leadership positions in credit unions: Storytelling to empower others

first_imgPicture this, I am walking off the stage after my first speaking engagement with a company. I am feeling great and saw that what I shared made an impact as the audience laughed, nodded, and applauded. As I go back to my seat, I am met with a glare from the person in charge….with this comment…”The next time you are in front of the field, don’t tell any more of your stories.  All you salespeople like to do is talk about yourselves …what kind of impact can there be in storytelling?” I thought it was both valuable and empowering…she had a different agenda.Well you can imagine how quickly the air was sucked out of my balloon.  Here I thought I was sharing concrete examples, in the form of stories, with the field. After all, I had been there and done that and who better to give them ways to be successful than someone who had been there and done that. I thought it would give them a sense of empowerment to go out there and do what needed to be done in a way that worked. But…that wasn’t the case, at least until the surveys came back and every single one asked that I tell more stories about my life as a producer and how I went from knowing zero to being at the top. The truth is that with or without the survey results, although I didn’t realize I would inspire, motivate, empower, and teach, I wouldn’t have changed anything that I shared with those 4000 producers. If only someone would have done that when I had started, it might have been a slightly different journey. Stories and empowerment…a winning combination.Stories are for sharing whether they are a fairy tale or a learning experience. Stories are powerful and we wait to see what happens when we turn the page or get to the next volume in the series or see how we are doing in our own journey to success.Stories are all around us.  Everyone has a story and every situation is a story. We always hear that our stories can be a great book but in truth a story doesn’t have to become a best-seller.  Sometimes simply telling the story creates a movement or encourages people to do something or it can be a way for us to be able to just move forward. But stories are the way to connect with people whether 1:1 or in a crowd of thousands.Let’s not forget that our brains are wired to remember stories. The brain chooses the information it wants, then remembers that information because of the emotional connection. Humans are both scientific and artistic beings, and we use the left brain and the right brain — so we function and respond to both when it comes to storytelling. And since it has the power to change us in such a way, we simply don’t forget a great story. Sometimes those great stories are very personal in nature and as they are being told, both the storyteller and the audience are hanging onto every word…and that can be in the written form as in a book, listening to the audible version or hearing it first-hand.As an author, I share many stories that will solidify a point or make you think, learn, laugh or create any emotion.  For me personally, that is an easier way to remember.  What happens when your story is told in front of a live audience and you wonder how did you get there? More importantly why?Many people want to be a Tedx Speaker. After all, it is an amazing way to get a story out. When I first applied to be one, I wasn’t selected, and I was just fine with that. It wasn’t my time or my theme or whatever story I told myself and I moved forward. The following year I applied again and this time I was selected. I was so excited…until I realized that the theme, “Outside the Lines” begged for me to tell my story, one that I had never told out loud before.  What was I thinking? Rather than go through the entire story, go and watch it for yourself and let me know what you think. It’s called the Greatest Missed Opportunity on YouTube…the storytelling channel of all time.So how do you tell a story? Ask yourself, who is the audience and what is your ultimate goal? Is it inspiration or a learning opportunity or is it to connect with the people in the audience on a more intimate level?  Do you want to empower, impact or create an environment for greatness to begin? Whatever your goal is, here are some ideas:You must be interesting. Think about it…the attention span of humans is maybe a minute or two…you can make them stay interested if you give them something that is of interest to them. Their emotions must be stirred, and you must create an experience. At one point during my Tedx Talk, I could hear gasps in the audience, and I knew they were right there with me.Paint a picture so that they have a visual in their mind. Describe the “scene” in detail so they can see what you are talking about. Your goal is to make a connection with them and make them feel it.Tell a story. Start slowly and build it up so there is some excitement and then…take it down again. Let your audience experience it so that there is a bond between you. When you watch my Tedx Talk, you will see the peaks and valleys you will experience. You want the outcome to be one way and aren’t sure how it will actually end.Get them involved in the story so that you have not only gotten their attention, but you are holding it. You want to keep the experience they are feeling going on and on. You want them to feel like they are part of the conversation that is happening in front of them or on the pages before them.And what was created? A relationship…you have connected with someone or hundreds of someones on a very special level. You have found the way to tap into their imagination, their interest and gotten them involved. People will be inspired, motivated, empowered, shocked or excited…but something happened.Stories are a way of connecting and teaching. People remember stories more than they remember statistics.  Don’t be afraid to share your story.  Someone in the audience is there to hear it…even if it is just one person you touch.Remember, there are 2 ways to share knowledge…you can push information out or you can pull them in with your story. 25SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Judy Hoberman Men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently.  Judy Hoberman, creator of “Selling in a Skirt”, shares essential insights about gender differences and how to embrace and use those … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Port awaits its call

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