Probiotic Beer Keeps Your Guts Healthy While You Pound It

first_imgLooking for ways to add probiotics to your diet? You can pop a supplement, have a cup of yogurt, eat a chocolate bar, or tuck into a bit of kimchi. Fancy a beverage? There are plenty of teas and juices to choose from.Soon you might even be able to crack open a cold one to improve your gut health! Yes, probiotic beer is coming… and you can thank researchers at the National University of Singapore.Probiotics are naturally present in some fermented beverages, like kefir. It’s a little trickier to pull off with beer due to the highly-concentrated alpha and beta acids present in hops which inhibit bacterial growth. When you’re a team of scientists who enjoy both drinking craft beer and promoting a healthy gut microbiome, you find a way to combine the two.That way involved a modified brewing process and a healthy does of Lactobacillus paracasei L26. Brewing takes about month from start to finish. The result: a sour beer “with sharp and tart flavors” with an alcohol content of around 3.6%.How does it taste? Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan (on the left in the image above) says he’s confident that the beer “will be well-received by beer drinkers,” especially when they realize that “they can now enjoy their beers and be healthy.”Probiotics have numerous reported benefits, from boosting your immune system to helping fight all kinds of gastrointestinal issues. They won’t make you more attractive, but fortunately, there’s another beer that claims its secret ingredient can do that.last_img read more

Witcher 3 Now Runs at 60fps on Xbox One X After Latest

first_imgStay on target New The Witcher 3 Mod Recreates Witcher 1 PrologueThe Witcher 3 Game of the Year edition launches this month, Gwent beta d… The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt received an Xbox One X patch around the time the system launched. The patch introduced higher resolution textures but maintained the standard 30fps of the original. Interestingly enough, the game ran at 60fps on Xbox One X without the patch. Today, players can now play the latest version of the game at 60fps thanks to a new patch that better utilizes the power of Xbox One X.“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has just received an upgrade patch for Xbox One X enhancing the game to take advantage of the additional power offered by the console,” said CD Projekt Red on The Witcher 3 website. “The Xbox One X upgrade patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt introduces a number of graphical features and tweaks to the game across two visual fidelity options — 4K Mode and Performance Mode. In 4K Mode the game will run in 4K resolution (or supersampled on a non-4K display) with stable 30fps gameplay, whereas Performance Mode enables dynamic resolution scaling (from 1080p up to 4K) while targeting 60 fps during gameplay. Both modes support HDR.”4K mode sees the game running with the best possible texture quality at 30 frames per second. On top of enhanced shadows, ambient occlusion, texture filtering and higher resolution textures, the update also adds HDR support. This mode is for those who want the game to look its prettiest on their 4K TVs.Performance mode doesn’t have as many visual effects as 4K mode. What it lacks in visual prowess it makes up for with a smooth 60 frames per second. It achieves this by having dynamic resolution scaling, which slides between 1080p and 4K in order to maintain a higher frame rate. If you don’t own a 4K TV or just prefer smoother gameplay over shiny graphics then this mode is your best bet.This patch for The Witcher 3 is available to download now on Xbox One X. HDR support for PlayStation 4 Pro will arrive at a later date. Happy hunting!center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more