GD NASSCO Wins Further USS Makin Island Repair Works

first_img View post tag: News by topic View post tag: works GD NASSCO Wins Further USS Makin Island Repair Works View post tag: Navy General Dynamics NASSCO was awarded a $61,7 million contract for USS Makin Island (LHD 8) fiscal 2015 phased maintenance availability.A phased maintenance availability includes the planning and execution of depot-level maintenance, alterations, and modifications that will update and improve the ship’s military and technical capabilities.Work will be performed in San Diego, California, and is expected to be completed by November 2015.The Southwest Regional Maintenance Center, San Diego, California, is the contracting activity.[mappress mapid=”15573″]Image: US Navy Authorities View post tag: USS Makin Island View post tag: americascenter_img View post tag: repair Share this article View post tag: Naval April 3, 2015 Back to overview,Home naval-today GD NASSCO Wins Further USS Makin Island Repair Works View post tag: GD-NASSCOlast_img read more

Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez Dies at 58; VP Maduro Mobilizes Army, Police

first_img Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who amassed authoritarian powers while leading a socialist revolution in his oil-rich country, died Mar. 5 at the age of 58. Chávez, who had ruled for 14 years died at a Caracas military hospital from an undisclosed form of cancer in the pelvic area that was first diagnosed in June 2011. “We have received the most difficult and tragic news that we could ever transmit to the Venezuelan people. At 4:25 p.m. on Mar. 5, Comandante President Hugo Chávez Frías died after battling hard against illness,” a tearful Vice President Nicolás Maduro told a national TV audience. Maduro also announced that he was mobilizing the entire Army and Police Force nationwide “in order to guarantee peace” in the aftermath of Chávez’s death. Throngs of mourners gathered outside the National Palace in downtown Caracas while messages of condolences arrived from around Latin America. Under the Venezuelan Constitution, a new presidential election must be called within 30 days. Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said Maduro would be the ruling party’s candidate and that he would serve, in the meantime, as interim president. Chávez rose through officer ranks quickly Before leaving Venezuela in December for a final medical trip to Cuba, where he had been receiving treatment for cancer, Chávez named Maduro as his heir-apparent. Maduro will likely face off against opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who lost by 11 points to Chávez in last year’s presidential race. “I express my solidarity with the family and followers of President Hugo Chávez,” Capriles said on his Twitter account. “At this moment we call for unity among Venezuelans.” However, Chávez proved to be the most polarizing figure in recent Venezuelan history. The son of schoolteachers, he was raised in a shantytown in western Venezuela. Chávez joined the Venezuelan Army — partly to escape poverty — and was quickly promoted. But he grew disillusioned with government corruption and the country’s economic decline. In 1992, Lt. Col. Chávez burst onto the national scene by leading a military uprising against then-President Carlos Andrés Pérez. Though the coup failed and he was sent to prison, many Venezuelans supported his actions. After he received a pardon, Chávez ran for president in 1998 and won in a landslide. He went on to amass enormous powers. Chávez and his allies amended the constitution, allowing him to run for president three more times. His United Socialist Party controlled the National Assembly and served as a rubber-stamp legislature. And Chávez cronies stacked the courts and government watchdog agencies. Oil revenues kept Chávez afloat A fierce critic of the United States and many of its allies, Chávez was also a vocal supporter of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He awarded each of these leaders the “Order of the Liberator,” Venezuela’s highest honor. Yet as the price of oil rose, Chávez spent billions on housing, healthcare, education and other social programs that reduced poverty and won him many admirers among the Venezuelan underclass — and allowed him to keep triumphing at the ballot box. Chávez also served as a role model for a new generation of leftist leaders including Bolivian President Evo Morales and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. He forged close ties to Cuba and helped keep the island afloat by sending subsidized oil to the Castro regime in Havana. So it was no surprise that Chávez — when he learned he had cancer — opted to be treated in Cuba, where his illness was guarded as a state secret. But after a series of operations, his doctors decided they could do no more, and Chávez returned to Venezuela last month to spend his final days in his homeland. BUT IT IS KNOWN THAT CHAVEZ DIED IN CUBA ON DECEMBER 2012. DUE TO THE CORRUPT ENVIRONMENT OF CHAVEZ, HIS CORPSE REMAINED SEQUESTERED, SO THAT THE POWER IS ORGANIZED AND DISTRIBUTED AMONG CHAVEZ’S SUPPORTERS AND THE CORRUPTED ARMY. SOONER OR LATER THE REAL FACTS WILL COME TO LIGHT, AND DOORS WILL BE OPENED ONLY IN THE BUDDY-COUNTRIES FOR THESE CORRUPT CHAVEZ FOLLOWERS. I COMMENT AND COMMENT AND I CAN’T READ MY COMMENTS… PRESIDENT CHAVES WAS THE WORST OF THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN TO VENEZUELA. CRAZY MAN, THE LAST THING HE SAID AS HE WAS LEAVING THIS WORLD WAS THAT NICOLAS MADURO HAS TO BE PRESIDENT. PLEASE, WHO IS NICOLAS MADURO, WHAT IS HIS PROFESSION: TRADE UNIONIST IN THE SUBWAY AND A BUS DRIVER. YOU BELIEVE THAT IN VENEZUELA THERE ARE AS MANY IDIOTS AS BEFORE, HARDLY. THE ONLY PROBLEM IS VOTING WITH THE SLOT MACHINES OF THE CASINOS, THE CASINO NEVER LOSES, THE ONLY OPTION TO BEAT THEM WOULD BE THE CARD. WE ARE FOLLOWING A PRESIDENT WHO CARED MORE ABOUT FIDEL THAN HIS PEOPLE. HE WAS THE GIVER WHO PULLED PRESIDENT KIZNER OUT OF THE MUD, WHO SENT A LOT OF MONEY TO CRISTINA KECHER, WHILE IN VENEZUELA THERE IS NO FOOD OR MEDICINE OR MONEY OR TOILET PAPER OR SUGAR OR OIL OR MILK , AND 6,000 FOOD CONTAINERS AND 600 CONTAINERS OF LONG-LIFE MILK WERE SPOILED. THIS IS THE MOST CORRUPT GOVERNMENT THAT VENEZUELA HAS EVER HAD. LOOK FOR THIS ON GOOGLE, THIS IS FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS INTERNET, SEE THE CHAVES REAL FAMILY AND YOU WILL REACH A SINGLE CONCLUSION: THEY ALL DESERVE LIFE SENTENCE FOR BEING SUPER THUGS, AND IF WE WERE IN THE UNITED STATES, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. HE WENT TO EUROPE AND SOLD TO ANOTHER DICTATOR, PUTIN, A REFINERY THAT VENEZUELA HAD IN GERMANY FOR 1.600 MILLION $$ AND THE REFINERY HAD A VALUE OF 11 BILLION $ $. HE SAID THAT THE SOLD IT BECAUSE THERE WERE NO VENEZUELANS WORKING. 9,400 MILLION WERE LOST AND HERE THE IDIOTS OF THE CONGRESS SAID NOTHING, BECAUSE THIS CRAZY MAD WAS THE ONLY TO DETERMINE THINGS, HE DECIDED THE VOTE WITH BILLIONS OF $$$. IT WAS CALCULATED THAT MORE THAN 1.500.000.000 DOLLARS WERE RECEIVED FROM REVENUES, SO THEY HAVE JUST DEVALUED THE CURRENCY. YEARS AGO THIS LUNATIC WHO WAS A CONVULSIVE PSYCHOTIC TOOK TEN BILLS OF 100 AND INVENTED THE STRONG BOLÍVAR, THIS IS GOOD FOR NOTHING. OUTRAGEOUS, MR. JOSE BOLIVAR, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO CARRY THAT HONORABLE SURNAME. I DO NOT KNOW IF YOU LIVE IN VENEZUELA, BUT WHEN YOU GIVE THAT OPINION YOU ONLY THINK ABOUT MONEY, AND IGNORE THE REALITY OF VENEZUELA. I WONDER, DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY HOUSES HAVE BEEN BUILT IN CARACAS AND ELSEWHERE IN VENEZUELA? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY POOR PEOPLE HAVE BENEFITED FROM THE POLICIES OF THE GOVERNMENT? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY OLD FOLKS ARE BENEFITING FROM THEIR RETIREMENT PENSIONS, THAT BEFORE WERE DENIED TO THEM? DOES BEING A GOOD PRESIDENT MEAN ALLOWING BIG SHOTS TO DO WHAT THEY WANT, SUCH AS MR. ZULOAGA THAT INFLATED CAR COSTS, OR LIKE THE CASE OF THE BUILDERS THAT SOLD THE APARTMENTS FOR UP TO FIVE TIMES THEIR COST; OR LIKE THE CASE OF BANKERS THAT LOST PART OF THEIR CAPITAL IN FISHY BUSINESSES AND CUSTOMERS HAD TO LOSE THEIR SAVINGS. OR THE CASE WHERE VENEZUELA HAD TO PAY MILLIONS IN INTERESTS SO THAT A FOREIGN BANK KEPT ITS GOLD RESERVES. OPPOSITION DIDN’T KNOW TO BE OPPOSITION WITHOUT ATTACKING A PEOPLE FULL OF HOPE, AS IN THE CASE OF THE “OIL STRIKE”. YES, THERE WAS COLLABORATION WITH OTHER COUNTRIES AND OIL WAS NOT GIVEN AWAY. IN SOME CASES, CASH WAS NOT RECEIVED, BUT MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS, SUCH AS THE LONG-LIFE MILK THAT YOU MENTIONED. THE CASE IS THAT WHEN THIS HAPPENED OUR FARMERS THREW THE MILK IN THE RIVERS OF ZULIA AND TACHIRA, BECAUSE THEY WANTED AN INCREASE THREE TIMES MORE THAN WHAT WAS CORRECT. THERE ARE MANY OTHER REASONS LIKE THE ABOVE TO MENTION. THAT IS WHY EVEN TODAY THE LINE TO SEE THE PRESIDENT IS VERY LONG. FACTS CANNOT BE DENIED…………………A BODY DIED, BUT THE IDEOLOGY THAT WAS SOWN REMAINS, AND WILL BE FERTILIZED EVERY DAY …………….CHÁVEZ WILL LIVE FOREVER. I’m ashamed to read comments from people who don’t see the full picture in America. Ask yourself: How was Latin America before Fidel Castro and how is it after the death of Hugo Chavez. If you meditate honestly you will realize that there is less illiteracy, more people have better nutrition, pollution has decreased, values have been less deteriorated and there’s respect towards family. Now, the U.S. can’t stick their noses in other countries as if it were their backyard or their ranch and make decisions according to their own interests, the elections are also more honest, there’s less deceiving to the population, people are noticing how the media is managed by its owners and they filter information or provide information biased to their own interests, that mercantilism is the enemy of humanity, as well as competitiveness which only brings stress to those who enter this wild race. I could say something else, yet I don’t want others to read this and label me as of some political trend, I am only an observer of world facts and I notice the changes that exist today. This is not the global solution, this has another source, but we’re talking about the Hugo Chavez subject and this is my neutral contribution to the topic, from my country, Peru, who has also changed, although family unity has been lost, and respect towards authority, and the media manipulates people, and money is the god of the people and they kill for this money, they sell their lives, they become immigrants, alcoholics, prostitutes or close to be one, they abandon their kids, parents and wife, with different results from those they had expected when they made their decision. Thanks for your patience to read my article, and if it contributed to something then I am satisfied. GOOD LATIN AMERICAN FRIEND, the great homeland. As a person it is a great loss for his family and sycophants around him, as a politician, is a gain for those who want positive things for their country. Latin American presidents of recent times, with their pseudo comeback of “modern socialism”, are applying these recipes prepared by Fidel, who reelected himself for a long time and continues to mistreat his people. The most important measures they applied to make people dependent of the state are the construction of cheap dwellings, allowances to the senior citizens, bonus for students, pregnant women and others.Evo Morales in Bolivia used the same strategy to win more followers (sycophants).By observing the actions of this type of governors, we can conclude that they are antiquated demagogues that use someone else’s money to solve these kind of issues. It is easy to be merciful, giving, a benefactor, if the money doesn’t come out of your pockets.This kind of governors have such an ambiguous conduct that while criticizing materialism, they are the first ones (relatives and entourage included) to use cars worth over two hundred thousand dollars, and buy 38-million dollars planes (like Evo) and use watches that are worth more than 6 thousand dollars, where is the coherence of facts.I ask the Cubans who barely receive a quarter of kilo of chicken per week, I wonder if Fidel and his entourage eat the same that his people are given? I was told no. They order a la carte.”Easier said than done” they say, and by what has been stated are we still going to believe that the rulers of that kind really care for their people? personally I can’t find affirmative answers. pzambrano.- the truth, Zambrano, what are you hiding from us, your red ideology; how many houses were built by Chavez (HRCHF), in 14 years of a CORRUPT, MOBSTER AND DISHONEST government? you have only one brain cell. Carlos Andres Perez and Caldera built almost all of the neighborhoods in Venezuela. HRCHF built all the houses with materials brought in from Uruguay and after 3 months they all fell apart, the buildings that he tried to build were never finished because the cement and iron factories property of Venezuela were expropriated by that jerk to Cuba. The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS), before your corrupt administration, had around 1,600000 retirees and you are proud that HRCHF pensioned 2 millions, it wasn’t for free, he created 3 Decrees proposing that those who had pending quotes (discounted to the workers from their wages) should pay the missing quotes. Is this a favor? is this a donation? no…! each one paid, and to which pocket did that money go? do you know about this? Afterwards he created a mission to give away pensions. Ah no, but before they had stolen the money from the Retirement and Pension Fund of the oil workers, a theft carried out by the biggest thief, Rafael Ramirez, President of PDVSA, HRCHF and some terrorist name llaramedi, and this money was exchanged in the US by this triad. He created a mission to end poverty? What country do you live in? do you know that according to official statistics, not only are there poor people in Venezuela, but there are PAUPERS?! Maybe they’re giving you money to speak well about the government, because that’s their only formula, but that won’t last forever and specially with the call of your conscience, that says you’ve sold your nation to some buffoons. Venezuela today has no money to pay, buy or import, and with the excuse that abroad they stole the gold, he brought it to Venezuela and stole it ingot by ingot, where is it? People, in this forum there are some people that are taking the task to speak ill of Venezuela and President Chavez, but have no accuracy in their words. I am a native of Venezuela, of this country, not a foreign or just residing here, and I can attest that what is being said is completely false. Readers, do not believe those stupidities that are being said or written. In Venezuela we live a happy life with common problems as in other countries, or is it that there are no problems in the US, Spain, Russia, Mexico or your country or origin?, just to name a few. These things being said are the result of envy, sloth and misinformation given by opponents or repatriated people abroad, who have left or have issues with the Venezuelan justice, etc. etc., and had to flee and are talking paraphernalia of our homeland. As a Venezuelan, I ask you to visit this country and see for yourselves, go anywhere in the state of Venezuela and you will realize all the lies that are spread in the foreign media, which have lent themselves to this evil practice and nothing good. Speak to the poor people, the middle class people and you will see the kind of country we live in. I’ve always said that this country is the land promised to Moses by god, our god, we have everything here for everyone. That’s why they want to invade and privatize us, but the people aren’t ignorant, illiterate or fools anymore, to be tricked into continuing supporting them….They will never come back., I tell you…amen… Maduro, my friend: LIES HAVE SHORT LEGS. CHAVEZ DIED AFTER HIS OPERATION FROM DECEMBER 20TH TILL THE 30TH. WHY MORE LIES AND FARCES? Venezuelans, you should go visit Cuba, everything there is happiness, freedom, progress, it is a slice of heaven or the most beautiful thing a human being can find on earth, and this was accomplished by Castro and its successor Raul, OWNERS OF THE ISLAND. IF YOU DECIDE TO BE OR LIVE LIKE THIS, THEN YOU ARE A CENTIMETER AWAY FROM ACCOMPLISHING IT. As far as I know very few, not to say no one, want YOU to live like this, no matter how much CHAVEZ HAS OPENED YOUR EYES AND ELIMINATED THE OLIGARCHY THAT EXISTS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. BECAUSE ALL BEINGS ARE EXPLOITERS, CHAVEZ HIMSELF WAS SHAMELESS WHEN HE STARTED STEALING WITHOUT YOUR KNOWING. IN THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CHOICE, TO CHANGE AND NOT HAND YOURSELVES TO CUBA. I DO NOT WISH FOR YOU TO BE OR LIVE LIKE CUBA, PRAY A LOT IF YOU ARE CATHOLICS OR FROM OTHER RELIGION, DON’T HAND OUT YOUR NATION. THAT’S WHAT MADURO AND THE CIA WANT. There’s nothing worse than a stateless person. They don’t love Venezuela. Deny all the atrocious things that the right-wing has done in Venezuela. You bunch of cowards, underestimating president Maduro because he wasn’t born in a golden crib. Jesus Christ wasn’t born in a manger and he’s still more current than ever. You know why there is shortage? because the entrepreneurs in the cities allow the destabilization in order to blame the government, the only crazy, depraved, bourgeois drug addict is Capriles. By Dialogo March 06, 2013last_img read more