Lettuce’s Eric Krasno Sings Lead Vocals On Single From Newly-Announced Solo Release [Listen]

first_imgEric Krasno has been on fire of late, between his work with Soulive, Lettuce, Phil Lesh & Friends and so many more exciting projects. The guitarist recently opened up his own studio in Brooklyn, NY, and, between his performances and production work, managed to find the time for his own music. Toda, Krasno announced plans to release his second-ever solo studio album, Blood From A Stone.Krasno’s new release is due out on July 8th, and features members of Soulive, Lettuce, The London Souls and guitarist Derek Trucks. It also features lead vocals from Krasno, for the first time ever, and you can hear his stunning voice on the new track “Waitin’ On Your Love” below:As Krasno explains in a WSJ feature, “It was all about connecting with the story or message of the song and not getting too technical… A lot of my favorite singers weren’t always technical masters. It just has to evoke feeling and make you want to sing along.” It’s nice to hear him find a powerful singing voice!The guitarist will tour in support of Blood From A Stone, including a hometown performance at the Brooklyn Bowl on July 7th. For fans of Krasno, do not miss him perform with Neal Evans, Zigaboo Modeliste and George Porter Jr. for an edition of Foundation Of Funk at The Hall At MP on May 20th. More information can be found here.Check out the new album’s artwork below:[Via WSJ]last_img read more

Animal Collective Releases Two Live Albums To Support LGBTQ Citizens In North Carolina

first_imgAfter recently performing at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC, the group Animal Collective was inspired to help those affected by the new HB2 law, aka the “Bathroom Bill.” To do so, the band has released two recent live performances on their Bandcamp page, and pledged all proceeds from downloads to a group called Progress North Carolina Action.The two shows include March 9th at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA and April 13th at the O2 Ritz Manchester in Manchester, UK. They explain that they “felt that canceling our show, like many others have done in protest of this law, would be a disappointment to our fans,” but that they “don’t condone or agree with any type of bigotry or discrimination.”Animal Collective are touring in support of their new album, Painting With, and will also perform on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this Thursday, May 12th.You can read the band’s full statement about HB2 below:Last night, Animal Collective performed at The Orange Peel in Asheville, NC. For those who were at the show, you may have seen a table set up for Progress North Carolina Action, who we were introduced to by North Carolina Needs You (http://ncneedsyou.com). They (http://progressnc.org) are an organization “dedicated to being a voice for forward-thinking North Carolinians who want to protect the balanced approach to government”. Recently, North Carolina passed a law, known as HB2, that dictates which bathrooms transgender people are permitted to use and attacks the rights of LGBT citizens to sue when their human rights are violated in the workplace. We felt that canceling our show, like many others have done in protest of this law, would be a disappointment to our fans and decided to go on with the performance. That being said, we don’t condone or agree with any type of bigotry or discrimination.This year, we’ve been recording and mixing some of our live shows. In an effort to raise awareness and help those fighting for equality, we are making two of our favorite recent shows available for download in a “pay what you want” model. To listen to/download shows from March 9, 2016 at Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, CA or April 13, 2016 at O2 Ritz Manchester in Manchester, UK please visit https://anmlcollectve.bandcamp.com/ and donate what you’d like to contribute to Progress NC. All proceeds from these downloads will go to that organization. Thanks!last_img read more

Mungion Showcases Tight Jamming On Ambitious Debut Album, ‘Scary Blankets’ [Listen]

first_imgChicago-based jam outfit Mungion (pronounced Mung-Yin) has been turning heads since bursting onto the scene in the spring of last year. With excitement building from their exploratory live outings, Mungion’s steadily growing fan base has been eagerly awaiting the band’s first full-length studio offering, Scary Blankets, released today on iTunes and various other platforms. Despite high expectations, the album does not disappoint, delivering a satisfying taste of their wide-ranging abilities and influences. The ambitious eight-track set serves as a sort of sonic resume for the fledgling act. With time allotted for showing off the well-trained musical abilities of each individual band member, as well as the complex compositional abilities of the band as a whole, Scary Blankets never loses hold of your interest and attention over its entire hour-long run time. The album begins with the 13-minute jazz-fusion epic “Beneath The Shallows,” featuring jazz-inspired composed instrumental sections, sunny, note-perfect vocal harmonies, a slow-burning piano vamp, and a ripping guitar peak with shades of Derek Trucks’ signature tone. The next track, “Myrtle,” brings out the funk, as up-tempo percussion and chunky, wah-drenched keyboard grooves segue into jazz-infused rock with the help of some economically utilized digital delay before a hypnotic, Abbey Road-esque close-harmony vocal vamp brings the song to a close.The inspiration of their jam scene peers is evident throughout. “Schvingo” and “Hindsight,” built from catchy, strolling bass lines and prog-guitar wailing both deliver handily, displaying the influences of well-loved acts on the band, from Pat Metheny to Frank Zappa to Jimmy Herring and beyond. These influences are perhaps most obvious on songs like “Nuthead,” a character-based, multi-movement composition that inevitably reminds of another “-head” from a certain legendary Vermont quartet. While their influences and stylistic tendencies are pretty obvious throughout, it’s clear that the band sought to create a set of music that was rich, varied and immersive — not just a collection of tunes, but a cohesive, complex sonic story that keeps the listener on their toes. Over the course of the album’s 57+ minutes, the group manages to simultaneously sound enjoyably familiar and refreshingly original. Scary Blankets is an impressive first installment for a band that continues to show tremendous potential. Mungion has officially arrived, and from the way things sound, we’ve only just scratched the surface of what they have to offer. You can check them out live in their hometown this weekend, where the band is set to play a Phish afterparty at Chicago’s Tonic Room on June 24th.Stream the whole album via SoundCloud below:last_img read more

Papadosio, The New Deal, Pigeons & More Announce Tour Dates

first_imgNow in the midst of the summer season, artists are turning their sights to the year ahead. With so many bands on the road and announcements coming to us left and right, we wanted to put as many new tour updates in one place for your convenience.Today’s announcement sees some fresh dates from Pink Talking Fish, The New Deal, Papadosio, The Groove Orient, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and more! Where will you catch your favorites?The New DealEver since they reunited a few years ago, The New Deal has been on an absolute tear. It’s a good thing too, because the jamtronica stalwarts bring the grooves like no other. The band has just announced a handful of tour dates throughout October, including a co-bill with Dopapod. Get ’em while they’re hot!PapadosioThe premier jamtronica outfit has announced plans to release a new EP, Pattern Integrities Vol. 1, and support the release with an extensive fall tour. Each show (or the first night of two-night runs) will feature a special “P.I.” set, inspired by scientist Buckminster Fuller, and will include a live looping and synth mix unlike anything before. Check out the tour dates below.Pink Talking FishThe exciting hybrid tribute fusion band will not only hit the road this fall, but they’ve added an exciting Pink Talking Fish In The Mirror New Year’s show with Michael Jackson covers in addition to their usual Pink Floyd, Talking Heads and Phish sets. That show will also feature TAB horn players James Casey and Natalie Cressman, so don’t miss out! Check the full schedule below.Pigeons Playing Ping PongThe funky rockers known as Pigeons Playing Ping Pong have announced plans to make their debut at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA. The show will come on October 28th, opening things up for a great Halloween weekend. Considering the band pulled off a “Dead Zeppelin” show for Halloween last year, with covers of Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin, this should be an exciting performance! Strange Machines will open.The Groove OrientFlorida-based rockers The Groove Orient have shared some video from their summer tour, and will keep things rocking with a string of dates throughout August. Watch them perform below, and check the tour schedule as well.last_img read more

Roosevelt Collier To Tribute Hendrix’s “Band Of Gypsys” With Members Of Dopapod & TAUK In NYC

first_imgPedal steel guitarist, Roosevelt Collier, along with guitarist Rob Compa (Dopapod), bassist Chuck Jones (Dopapod), and drummer Isaac Teel (TAUK) have announced a very special Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys tribute! The show will feature the group’s take on the Band Of Gypsys’ 1970 live album, along with other classics from Hendrix’s legendary catalogue. The show is set to take place on Friday, February 24th at NYC venue American Beauty, which boasts some great craft beers, along with free pizza for patrons.Jimi Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys-era music has become a legend completely unto itself. While the group was short-lived, due to the guitarist’s untimely death, that time period saw a paradigm shift in Hendrix’s overall sound. The amalgamation of funk, R&B, rock, and sheer novelty was a mind-blowing sonic force, to say the least. Expect some special guests to come out of the woodworks for this one as well.  It’s going to be a night of straight-up fire jams.Tickets for the show are currently on-sale, and can be purchased here.– Show Info –Band:      Tribute to Hendrix’s Band of Gypsy’s ft. Roosevelt Collier, Rob Compa (Dopapod), Chuck Jones (Dopapod), Isaac Teel (TAUK) and very special guestsVenue:    American Beauty – 251 W. 30th Street – New York, NY 10001Date:       Friday – February 24th, 2017Time:      Doors 8pm / Show 9pmTickets:  $15adv / $20dos (purchase tickets HERE)last_img read more

Chef Shaggy Ready To Serve Second Helping Of NOLA Crawfish Festival

first_imgTo capture the throne of “NOLA Crawfish King,” you have to be the best of the best. Chris “Shaggy” Davis has earned that title, and the crown fits well on him. Davis has gone beyond throwing backyard boils to being a fixture in all the hottest New Orleans parties and around the country serving up his incredible wares. For the second year in a row, he has also put his heart and soul along with an unimaginable amount of crawfish, potatoes, and corn into his dream project, The NOLA Crawfish Festival. Combining the finest in New Orleans musicians and themes with the atmosphere of a backyard boil, he has created an atmosphere that locals and visitors can enjoy.With the second helping of the Crawfish Fest just a few short weeks away, and with the excitement building, we thought we would check in with Chris about his plans for this year, the improvements he is looking to make and, of course, the crawfish. Check out his chat with our own Rex Thomson below:Live For Live Music: So, as a chef, you must feel good when folks come back for a second helping of the magic you’re serving.Chris “Shaggy” Davis: That always feels good, yes. We are definitely very excited for round number two. We’ve upped our game. We have a new location, new artists, and a lot of food and fun on the way.L4LM: Where are you hosting the NOLA Crawfish Festival this year?CSD: We will be partying the day away at Central City BBQ in a wonderful resurgent neighborhood in New Orleans, Central City. It’s a huge space. We’re gonna have two stages, one indoor, one outdoor. We are gonna have vendors this time around. And new artists and bands. We are just all around upping our game.L4LM: How many folks can you fit in this new venue?CSD: Well, it is more than double the size of last year’s facility, so we are ready for a big crowd. We are expecting a couple thousand each day. And this year, we won’t just be selling beer, we will have several full bars for all your refreshment needs. They also have some incredible BBQ. The place is a perfect fit.L4LM: I’m sure the BBQ is good but this is the “Crawfish Festival” after all. There WILL be plenty of that on hand, right?CSD: Yeah, there will literally be tons & tons of crawfish. We plan on cooking seven or eight thousand pounds of crawfish over the three days. There may be other food there, but hot boiled crawfish will definitely be the main dish.L4LM: Now, each day ticket includes crawfish, music and beer, right?CSD: Each ticket comes with two pounds of crawfish, potatoes and corn, and one NOLA beer, just like last year. Now all the VIP packages come with more of everything. More food and drinks. The packages are really good and you won’t be hearing any complaints from anyone who comes about not getting any crawfish, I promise you that.L4LM: I read on the website that the “Super” VIPs get all access at the festival. Does that mean they can show up at six a.m. when you start cooking and sit and watch you cook?CSD: Hey, if they want to get there that early then sure. The music starts at 3pm each day and we will have plenty of crawfish ready for those who show up when the doors open.L4LM: Once again you are following the boil recipe with the music. You have put together some “One Off” super jams for each night. How do you pull these line-ups together? Do you just call folks and pull in all the favors and good karma you are always sharing?CSD: Well, I’m lucky in that I know a lot of these guys personally. And I want to keep this festival in and of New Orleans. Last year we had a lot of folks from here in town come out as well as some out-of-towners. This event is for the home town crowd as much as it is the visitors…maybe more.The super jams are me going through my head figuring out who I wanna see play with who. We switched it up a bit this year on purpose. There are different players in the All-Star jam. And I know we have some special guests coming by for that.We got Alvin Youngblood Heart and his Muscle Theory coming with special guest Luther Dickinson. Alvin and Luther are best friends and it is not often they get to play together, so that should be fun. That is one of the things I asked Alvin one night over dinner and he said “Sure!”We brought back the MVP band, “Most Valuable Players” – Jon Cleary, Nigel Hall, Raymond Weber, Tony Hall and Derwin “Big D” Perkins. That is gonna be awesome.One of the bands that people really loved last year was Neville Jacobs and they are back for sure. We’ve also got Eric Lindell…I am lucky to know them all. I asked if they would come play my festival and they all said “Heck yeah!”I’m not trying to say the “Daze Between” were boring before but now they are way better. And the best part is each day the event ends at 10pm so everyone can still go catch the late night shows.Check out Neville-Jacobs stunning version of Prince‘s “Little Red Corvette” from last year’s festival below:L4LM: Acts like Neville-Jacobs and even Good Enough For Good Times are side projects and rarities that you can only see during things like Jazz Fest. It seems like you are using your spot there in the days between to maximum effect.CSD: That was the thought process behind all of this. Ivan Neville has a band with Eric Lindell called Dragon Smoke. They only really play one gig a year in New Orleans. Now…on that same day I have booked every artist in that band for the Crawfish Festival in hopes that we could possibly get them all together for a Dragon Smoke Jam. I have hopes…HOPES…that could happen for us.And then there is the charity element. This year we’re working with Can’d Aid & Anders Osborne’s Send Me a Friend Foundation. It helps musicians who are just out of rehab and heading back out on the road to face the temptations they are gonna be running into. They try to have someone signed up in each city to be there for artists who need them.Helping this cause is really important to me. I have been sober about seven years and when Anders started this foundation I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. And for Anders it is personal.Like so many other musicians it was hard for him to stay sober on the road. You gotta get back out there on the road to make your money. He had no choice but to head out to the bars and clubs where alcohol and more temptations can be found. Having folks in those cities he could talk to definitely helps him and others out.Partial proceeds from every ticket go directly to Can’d Aid. It’s important to me that we help those who need it.L4LM: It is impressive that people who fight that battle daily like Anders and yourself not only work in the party atmospheres but actually thrive in spite of it. I think I can speak for everyone when I say thanks for leading the way!CSD: Me…and Anders too…we wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t cleaned up our act. He and I have been friends for twenty-five or twenty-six years. We’ve been shoulder to shoulder through good times and bad. The scheduling for Anders is hectic as always during Jazz Fest. He isn’t officially on the line-up but I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t pop by for a jam or two. Something to look forward to.L4LM: There are gonna be at least a few people there who have never ate a crawfish before. Got any tips for them?CSD: Take your time. Eating is a socializing occasion down here. No one is in a big hurry. Get a plate, sit down with some friends, old and new and somebody will show you the way. And this is an experience you can’t get somewhere else.You can’t go into a restaurant and order up crawfish like this. My company Nola Crawfish King thrives in the festival atmosphere. We recommend you belly up to the table & enjoy what we have to offer.  This Is New Orleans baby Our Crawfish aren’t too spicy but they have a kick. Just like our music!L4LM: Sounds like we are in for a treat! Looking forward to it. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!CSD: No problem! See you soon, and bring your appetite!Tickets and information about the different packages available for the NOLA Crawfish Festival are available HERE.last_img read more

Spafford Goes Acoustic, Swaps Places With Crew For Full-Set Jam, & More At Globe Hall [Photo/Audio]

first_imgIt was a busy weekend for Spafford in Colorado. First, on Thursday night, the band made their debut at The Ogden in Denver. The following night, they headed to Fort Collins for a Friday evening show at The Aggie that featured a guest spot from Greensky Bluegrass’s Dave Bruzza. On Saturday, the band rounded out their Colorado stint with a special performance, open only to fans who grabbed the “All In” VIP package for the weekend.Spafford Packs The Ogden Theatre On Night One Of Colorado Run [Photos]With only the most fervent of fans in attendance, the band went the extra mile to make the intimate evening a special experience for those in the room. The first of the evening’s three sets saw the band go acoustic in addition to debuting some new material. After opening the show with a duet cover of “Stuck In The Middle With You” performed by guitarist Brian Moss and bassist Jordan Fairless (on the djembe), the rest of the band joined in for stripped down runs through “Leave The Light On”, “Hollywood”, and a new Pearl Jam-like “Untitled” song sung by Fairless. Moss followed up Jordan’s new original with one of his own, labeled as “The Evil Solo” on the Spaffnerds setlist. Finally, “Simon + Lily”, “Mad World”, and “The Remedy” closed out the opening acoustic set.Spafford Welcomes Greensky Bluegrass’ Dave Bruzza For RHCP Cover In Fort Collins [Full Show Audio]When the lights came down for the band’s second of three sets, they looked…different. Turns out, they were: To begin the set, Spafford’s tech crew came out to start playing. Gradually, the members of the band replaced the techs, and proceeded to lay down a 40+ minute improvisational exploration–as they’ve been known to do, most recently with their recent Echo Sessions performance and their all-improv album, Abaculus: An Improvisational Experience.Spafford Releases Live 53-Minute Improv Studio Session And More [Pro-Shot Video]After thanking their crew and taking one final set break, the band returned for their third set of the night. This last set was pure-bred Spafford, as the band jammed through tried-and-true originals like “Seven”, “Walls”, “Dream Jam”, “Todd’s Tots” and “Levilan Shores”. Finally, the band closed things down with an appropriate cover of “After Midnight” for their encore, putting a final exclamation point on an unforgettable show, and an overall successful weekend for Spafford in the Rocky Mountain State.Perpetual Groove Welcomes Spafford’s Andrew “Red” Johnson For Paul Simon In Denver [Setlist]Below, you can view a gallery of photos from Spafford’s memorable Globe Hall show courtesy of photographer Tara Gracer.Listen to full audio of Spafford’s intimate Globe Hall performance courtesy of archive.org user BonoBeats:Spafford’s tour continues on Tuesday, 11/14 with a performance at Crocodile Cafe in Seattle, WA. For a full list of upcoming tour dates, head to Spafford’s website.SETLIST: Spafford | Globe Hall | Denver, CO | 11/11/17 Set 1: Stuck In The Middle With You [ 1 ], Leave The Light On [ 2 ], Hollywood, Jordan’s Untitled Song [ 3 ], The Evil [ 4 ], Simon & Lily, Mad World, The RemedySet 2: Jam [ 5 ]Set 3: Seven > Walls, Dream Jam > Todd’s Tots, Levilan ShoresEncore: After Midnight[ 1 ]: Brian (Acoustic Guitar) + Jordan (Djembe)[ 2 ]: Rest Of Set Full Band Acoustic[ 3 ]: First Time Played, Jordan Solo on Guitar[ 4 ]: First Time Played, Brian Solo[ 5 ]: With: Jon Rose, Crew started jam, band replaced crew members one by one without break in play.[Cover photo by Tara Gracer]Spafford | Colorado VIP Show | Globe Hall | Denver, CO | 11/11/17 | Photos: Tara Gracer Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Gorillaz Plan To Release A New Album Next Year, Says Jamie Hewlett

first_imgMuch to the delight of fans around the world, earlier this year, Gorillaz returned to the public eye with the release of Humanz—the band’s first album since 2010. However, those left needing more Gorillaz are in for a treat, as the band’s own Jamie Hewlett recently revealed during an interview with TASCHEN that the group has plans to release another album next year.Watch Stephen Colbert’s Incredible Sit-In With Gorillaz For “Feel Good, Inc.” On The Late ShowHewlett said this of the new studio effort during the interview, “We are working on another Gorillaz album which is going to be released next year. … So we’re going straight into the next album with no break. Usually, we have a good five years break, but this time we decided to keep going.”However, it seems that the new album may deviate from what fans have come to expect. As Hewlett explained, “I’m inventing a new style for the next Gorillaz album. Damon [Albarn] started to send me demos for new songs quite early on and that’s exciting, to hear the new direction.”[Video: Damon Albarn Unofficial][H/T Consequence of Sound]last_img read more

Johnny Vidacovich, Stanton Moore, & Ivan Neville Tear Up The Maple Leaf [Photos]

first_imgAhead of New Year’s Eve, three legendary New Orleans musicians came together on Thursday night. The trio of Johnny Vidacovich, Stanton Moore, and Ivan Neville treated fans in attendance at New Orleans’ Maple Leaf to a jam session of epic proportions, with the majority of the night spent playing off each other. While much of the performance had a more shapeless, free-form structure, the group also laid out a number of covers including beloved tunes like The Eagles’ “Life In The Fast Lane”, Professor Longhair’s “Big Chief”, and The Pointer Sisters’ “Yes We Can Can”.You can check out a gallery from last night’s performance below, courtesy of Adam McCullough. Load remaining images Johnny Vidacovic, Stanton Moore, & Ivan Neville | The Maple Leaf | New Orleans, LA | 12/28/2017 | Photos: Adam McCulloughlast_img read more

MSNBC Anchor Katy Tur Goes All-Out Phish Nerd With Lyric Mashup For Year-End Sign-Off [Watch]

first_imgThis year was a big one for Katy. In addition to her regular TV-oriented reporting, she also published a new book, Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat To The Craziest Campaign In American History, which chronicles her time covering the political circus that was the Donald Trump Presidential campaign. Unbelievable has been extremely successful, quickly becoming a New York Times Bestseller (spoiler alert: she talks about Phish in the book, too).EXCLUSIVE: MSNBC’s Katy Tur Talks Her Love Of Phish & Sneaking Lyrics Into The NewsFor her sign-off yesterday, Katy let her Phish flag fly wild and high. She recited a minute-long monologue that, to the average viewer, probably sounded like loosely relevant cryptic poetry. It just so happened that the segment was an extended mashup of lyrics from a long list of Phish songs, although she never mentioned the band by name. Tur wore a cheeky smile the whole way through, taking great pleasure in giving her fellow fans a personalized shout-out hidden in plain sight. As Katy says at the end of the bit: “If you got it, you got it.”Watch Katy unload a barrage of Phish lyrics for her a year-end sign-off on MSNBC uploaded by YouTube user Bohart Smithson: Happy Phishmas, Katy! See you at the Garden… I don’t know if you guys have heard, but MSNBC new correspondent Katy Tur loves Phish…OK, you’ve definitely heard by now–she’s not exactly shy about it, assuming you know what to listen for. In addition to serving as the anchor for MSNBC Live and reporting for Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet The Press, and more, Tur serves as the network’s resident Phish fanatic, frequently working subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to the band’s music into her on-air news scripts or using lyrics to trade shout-outs with fellow phan news personality Jake Sherman. They’re usually met with the same odd stares and confusion from her co-hosts–a reaction most fans are fully familiar with in their own lives when their Phish nerd is showing.last_img read more