Zeng clear links to make the value of your ranking soared

the above three points is a personal website on the value of the link to my humble opinion, if this is not enough to understand or inappropriate to comment on my blog, I will be the first time correction. In this paper, by the Chengdu Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝028best贵族宝贝 original reproduced please specify the source x >


1 and related articles. This is the website program to achieve. The keyword tag, the title was extracted to achieve, more advanced, way to develop their own, the more relevant the better. read more

Need to plan the correct WangzhuanThe online shop under Crisis selling scarce is the first choice

No. 1: the sense of purpose has increased. I know which way I should go. I can strive for my goal and work hard every day. Now, no longer feel empty, every day is full, the day is not enough, people have become passionate, and a lot of open and bright.

anything to not easy to make money in the network above the reality of their own dreams, in fact, to greater efforts than in reality need to pay this is absolutely not pompous. As long as this one has experience in Wangzhuan friends all know that their hard work hard, but do not get the results you want. Why? Personally: first no goal no direction; second, do not have their own money thinking; third, no proper guidance; fourth, methods and skills not found; fifth, not to seriously implement. read more

On Site Title How to modify title views ranking optimization

site title, this is our Shanghai dragon optimization people understand but, actually good website title can give people a very good experience for your visitors, the site title is presented to the first impression they, like many portals, short powerful website title, to visit the feeling is not the same, first click to attract visitors is extremely important, another benefit is a good website title must be able to bring good rankings, of course, the ultimate goal is not only Shanghai dragon website ranking, but your website conversion rate of products or content exposure, the troop we will share a few views some website title own editor for everyone. read more

The Jingdong store product list page user experience and marketing means a


yesterday in the "mall on the Jingdong’s product list page why give up a little bit wrong spider" in one article, here is correct, it is not completely abandon the spider, only some inconvenient transportation products, high cost of freight products can choose to give up the spider, small items do not

: see the boring than the price, the purchase of the company directly to this is certainly unavoidable will hold to the other… But no matter what the user is holding the mentality, and it is the priority among priorities of the absolute, the two conversion rate of users is the highest, the above three points, the recommended products will interest the two users, the user interest will certainly look into then, with the introduction and evaluation of the product user page of fine, the turnover rate is certainly not low. read more

Xiao Han inside the KMT government optimization Ultimate Edition

old saying said well: KMT government. These words are often the same. Website optimization is no exception, the station of Shanghai dragon as the vanguard of the station outside the station of mutual cooperation will have a very good effect. Shanghai dragon is the site itself, inner cultivation is the key, I also referred to the Shanghai dragon repair skills. In fact, we sometimes wonder why a station not what the chain was ranked in the first, what, this is not surprising, the keyword is very cold, or he station of Shanghai Longfeng do very well, make the list will also go up station Shanghai Longfeng, affect the ranking is not a factor, but by the a comprehensive effect. However, more than a few stations Shanghai Longfeng factors outside the station. That is to say the premise of every webmaster in the external optimization must do well in the station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, do internal optimization to do external optimization as the effect is very good. So today is to talk about how to do some optimization methods in Shanghai dragon. read more

How to avoid the risk of the search engine spiders on the station

flash if used well, can indeed enhance the site’s personal image, but also in the search engine also does not occur when the flash is basically a lot of people worship idols, but now the search engine of flash are very disgusted, the key is no way to put the flash into the algorithm, so do flash website basically can not get good rankings, even included are very difficult! So we in the construction site should take into account the use range of flash, the most is a decorative role in construction site, and not capable of carrying the content on the website read more

The intelligent mobile phone and non intelligent mobile phone search results

then I will give a more obvious example, as shown below, included mobile sites are not in the eBay diagram on the desktop computer, intelligent and non intelligent mobile phone on the mobile phone.

From the above we can see that the

with the development of mobile networks and mobile phone technology, driven by the rapid development of mobile search business. Mobile product related business is widely optimistic. Especially the development of intelligent mobile phone is the most amazing speed, but also can not ignore the non intelligent mobile phone still accounts for a lot of market. In fact, as a technology industry so developed in the United States made a survey in June 2011 found that there are still more than 50% users have not upgraded from common functions to intelligent mobile phone mobile phone. We know that as an ordinary non intelligent mobile phone can only use WAP search. WAP search results will only mobile phone search results there are some differences, so I will in the following analysis of the differences and non intelligent mobile phone intelligent mobile phone in Google search results. read more

Zhong Zhixin easy to do the long tail word ranking

easy to do method is to use the long tail word ranking websites provide a platform for, as we all know, the weight of large sites are very high.

The first kind of

I share easily do some "crooked ways" long tail word ranking, as we all know, more than a long tail word of a web site, can be a lot, so we can not put all the long tail word optimization, this is not realistic, so that their net station only a few long tail word hot, in about two or three or so more appropriate, other long tail word we can use other methods. read more

n 2014 thought Optimization three important factors in the page


five. Font color: General sites we will set up a black, not get riotous with colour.

everyone can see that each one is clearly separated, each small headings are in bold; we need to do is watch these details. Wei Wei often said "detail decides success or failure" if we are going to pay attention to the details, so the site can reduce the problem.

2. edition

3. path

needs to give a comfortable feeling to the user, after finished reading the article don’t need to go back home, but you can browse on the right to see if their needs. read more

Mr Yang’s entrepreneurial failure lessons and the three no principle of selecting investorsYou kno

What is the

is to provide a dry cargo? Value, can bring people thinking and help new content, rather than obscure. Now, with the WeChat public number article, for example, why is it possible to explode? Why is it possible to reach 100 thousand +, 1 million +, or even more? Content is the foundation. The biggest impact is the sharing of users. When you share a certain boundary, break through this boundary, especially after KOL has participated in the sharing, and this will increase in geometric progression. If only one person has read your article, or 100 or 1000 people have read your article, but they have not shared it, you can’t reach the effect of communication in the process. read more