Three years of Qinghai province fiscal year 54 million to optimize the layout of Xining Education

  Finance recently issued 17 million yuan of special funds to support Xining city of Huangchuan middle school, Xiao Quan primary school, twenty-first

school relocation and expansion project implementation.

it is understood that the primary and secondary schools and vocational schools in Xining have different levels of educational structure. Primary

lack of resources, the amount of school class is too large, the size of the existing primary school in Xining city layout and scale can not meet the needs of population growth

; middle school education resources shortage, large class phenomenon is serious; vocational education school scale is small, the total amount is less, is still in Xining

The weak link of

education. Vocational education is out of touch with the market, the advantage of the characteristics of the industry, school conditions and professional foundation is weak. This

the scale, structure and quality of these schools can not meet the needs of economic and social development. For these

problem, combined with Xining education development plan in 11th Five-Year, Xining’s education layout structure will be adjusted.

from 2008 onwards, the provincial government issued a special fund for 3 years, each year will arrange $17 million to support the promotion of Western

Structural adjustment of education layout in

. The implementation of this project will further optimize the educational resources of Xining and promote the

in Xining

school layout more reasonable, standardized, and constantly improve the efficiency and quality of education.


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