Xining City the first colorful music season in Xining

this past weekend, the central square every day is good even some singing, the morning of October 20th, just 330 lovers walking from here to participate in happy walk hiking, turn to 20 pm and 21 PM, there are from Qinghai who sing good voice here, let the public feast. This is the city government sponsored by the District Committee and the district area in the city to celebrate the eighteen autumn winter tourism activities, it is not only for the public to send a wonderful cultural feast, but also let Xining in autumn and winter because of its beautiful vivid.

Central Plaza sing good voice

21 at 3 pm, the reporter saw at the center of the square, although some cold weather, but there are still thousands of people gathered in the central first colorful music season in front of the stage, to enjoy a wonderful music performance. From the steam train Bongo’s 6 music, performing the Djembe performances for the public to find everything fresh and new, this pure and clean sound, mysterious atmosphere with Africa, infected with the audience with compact applause. "Love" is the band music lovers by 4 from the United States, Canada, they are living in Qinghai for 6 years of "Qinghai people", that held here rich activities of the public performances, they made a special trip to attend the show, for the public interpretation of Anglo American popular music. Activities, the reporter saw a lot of people in the audience to see the next one is more than 1 hours, after the show is also reluctant to leave, asking for an extended performance time.

autumn and winter amateur life equally wonderful

in recent years, in order to create a harmonious social atmosphere, show the harmonious open image of the city, the City District Committee and the district government has launched a rich and colorful style tourism activities, from the Wenfeng monument mountain bike race to kite, to the autumn and winter sports tourism activities, a series of national fitness activities is hugely popular. From the west, north, East, the city’s citizens are actively involved in activities, and praised the activities. In the autumn and winter sports tourism activities in the 70 foot race Cui said the old gentleman, there are a lot of people love low-carbon environmental protection and physical fitness hike now choose to hold this central good mass base competitions, is close to the people, "really good." The first two consecutive days in the Central Plaza held the first colorful music season, but also to make a lot of people applaud. Public Li Shuying said that music stage moved to the square, enrich people’s lives, the maximum to meet the needs of people’s spiritual and cultural life, "we hope that the square of both seasons, all seasons can be so wonderful."

Reporters from the city

District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau was informed that the central winter sports tourism activities play will continue to be staged, activities will go deep into the community, various popular activities, people will fall and winter and summer leisure life rich and colorful. (author: Rong Lijun)

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