Xining police launched the summer camp scholarly scholarly activities

January 5th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau to carry out scholarly and scholarly summer camp of the whole police reading activities ceremony, advocating the activities in the city of Xining public security organs.

it is understood that the "scholarly xiadou" national reading activities, is an important deployment to Xining municipal government. "Summer camp, scholarly scholarly activities is carried out through in-depth study and learning activities, and actively create a good reading, read good books, good reading" police learning atmosphere, promoting the construction of learning oriented, innovative and service-oriented, harmonious public security organs, to read books to better serve the excellent achievements in social and economic in Xining regional development.

activity requires leading cadres to take the lead in reading, in order to promote and promote the formation of a good atmosphere for the majority of police. Each unit should make learning plans, develop learning, enrich the learning content, innovative forms of learning, attention to learning, reading and learning and to improve the ability to combine with practice, combining with ideological education and improve the quality of police combination, and to promote the work of combining reading activities to achieve tangible guarantee is in effect.


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