The province’s urban and rural housing security work smoothly

this year, our province according to the "on 2016 ten people’s livelihood division of practical work and tasks of the notice", vigorously promote the shantytowns of monetized resettlement, accelerate the old residential district comprehensive improvement, orderly transfer of agricultural population of people, encourage the purchase of migrant farmers and herdsmen settled, making farmers enjoy the same housing security and shed urban and rural housing security policy, to promote the smooth.

it is understood that in the transformation of shanty areas, as of the end of October, the province’s new construction of shantytowns 76 thousand and 700 units (households), basically built 65 thousand and 900 units, in 61 thousand and 600 households, respectively, to complete the annual objectives and tasks 96%, 125% and 121%, completed an investment of 11 billion 500 million yuan. At the same time, the actual construction of public rental housing 276 thousand and 600 units, 227 thousand and 600 units have been allocated occupancy, the occupancy rate of 82.3%, compared with the end of September increased 1.8 percentage points higher than the national average.

In addition,

, I try to get the placement of the housing and commercial housing channel, to support shantytowns independent purchase, government purchase of housing stock and currency compensation placement, will meet the conditions of the commodity housing as the studio changed resettlement housing and public rental housing, has been through the monetary way to digest inventory of 5858 sets of commercial housing, 530 thousand square 2759 meters, direct monetary compensation.

in the rebuilding of farmers and herdsmen, our province mobilization will be held in a timely manner and to observe the scene, refine objectives, strengthen supervision and inspection, and levels of responsibility, the formation of the linkage, is to implement the work pattern. At the end of September, farmers and herdsmen rebuilding started 63 thousand and 700, operating rate of 98%; the completion of 51 thousand and 100, completion rate of 79%. Completed an investment of 4 billion 63 million yuan, the implementation of financial subsidies of $1 billion 517 million.

in improving the living environment of agricultural and pastoral areas, the province issued a "Qinghai province of agricultural and pastoral areas of special action five years of work plan", the comprehensive start of the comprehensive management of agricultural and pastoral areas of garbage. At the end of September, the 300 plateau beautiful countryside has been under construction, completed an investment of 2 billion 648 million yuan, a total of 3 billion 13 million yuan to implement all kinds of construction funds. The Qinghai Lake in Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Guide County 2 national sewage treatment demonstration counties and 10 counties in agricultural and pastoral areas of Huangshui River Basin sewage treatment pilot work in an orderly way.

in the transfer of agricultural population of people, our province issued "opinions" on the promotion of real estate to the inventory, and the Agricultural Bank of China Qinghai branch coordination, to carry out inclusive financial services, for the majority of migrant farmers and herdsmen run herdsmen home loan business. This year, the province issued a settlement of farmers and herdsmen loans 174, $43 million 280 thousand.


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