This year Xining will use seven indicators to plan rural health work

reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, this year, Xining will use seven indicators to plan rural health work.

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seven indicators continue to consolidate and expand the rural comprehensive reform achievements, the city’s more than two medical institutions of township hospital targeted aid coverage rate of 100%, to the great beauty of Qinghai health project annual work; two is to actively carry out the employment system, rural doctors contracted services and township hospital service team councilbase as the main content of the close type of rural integrated management work, management rate of 90%; the three is to increase the rural health personnel training, annual training tasks of township hospitals, village health room health personnel to complete the rate reached 100%; four are in the district (county) as the unit to continue to carry out two levels of rural health workers skills competition, the two levels of rural health personnel participation rate of more than 95%; the five is the implementation of performance management, performance appraisal management of rural two implementation rate of 100%; six is the basic public health service Project implementation rate of 100%; the second is to strengthen the rural medical and health institutions to promote the construction of information technology, rural medical and health institutions in the use of information systems reached 100%, 80%. (author: Li Xin)



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