Xining municipal Party committee efforts to crack the problem and pay close attention to poverty all

The spirit of the important speech to carry out in-depth study the provincial poverty alleviation work in television and telephone conference recently, the Xining municipal Party committee issued the "Notice of the CPC Xining Municipal Committee on poverty alleviation and development work to seriously study the provincial television and telephone conference" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice").

"notice" requirements, one must understand the spirit of the speech, grasp the essence of poverty alleviation. Party committees (party) to study the poverty alleviation work meeting, the provincial poverty alleviation work in television and telephone conference spirit as an important political task of the current and the need to work, to learn the spirit of the speech of the leader and implement the spirit of the provincial Party committee twelve plenary session of the nine provincial poverty relief and development work leading group meeting together, together with the specific work to promote the city’s poverty alleviation, practical thinking and action with the central and provincial deployment requirements, and promote the region, the Department of studying and carrying out the work.

two to focus on solving problems, pay close attention to poverty alleviation work. Through learning, to fully understand the importance of winning poverty and arduous, analyze the contradiction and study the problems faced by Xining City, around the "who support" and "who support", "how to help, how to return" and other major issues, to further improve the "two lines around a precise identification, further because of the person, helping to carry out further easily poverty relocation, further efforts concentrated special difficult areas of poverty alleviation and development, to further improve the institutional mechanisms, and further enhance the poverty reduction target endogenous power, further play a good role to further strengthen the poverty alleviation work team, eight major initiatives to further" organizational leadership ", identify the path, clear direction, mining the advantages, padded short board, to win the battle of poverty as a top priority, focus on the implementation of the development and production of migrant workers, Ecological compensation, return on assets, easily relocated, education and training, social security, serious illness relief "a group of eight" poverty alleviation project, improve and perfect the system of poverty alleviation mechanism, and promote accurate poverty, poverty precision work.

three to change the style, strengthen the building of the contingent of cadres. Party committees at all levels (party) to communicate in a timely manner to promote a distinctive, effective front-line work. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department research and development of the first Secretary of the management regulations, further strengthen the work force, strengthen education and training, ineffective implementation of the work of the recall". Three county Party Secretary to implement poverty alleviation and development work responsibility, strengthen management and guidance, promote the integration of development teams and the village committee team work, the formation of the overall force. The dispatched units to carry out the work of cadres to carry out a look back, there is a problem as soon as possible rectification.  

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