The province’s first district college students entrepreneurship incubator center officially run

after running for several months, by the Xining City West District government invested 17 million yuan to build the college business incubator center in June 18th officially running, 27 students of the first incubation companies will receive three years of "incubator" here, until the wings". This is the first of the five provinces and autonomous regions in Northwest China to invest in the construction of the center of entrepreneurship incubator.

in order to solve the problem encountered in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship Incubator Center West District of Xining city at the end of December 2012 completed a total area of 1170 square meters, can accommodate 30 enterprises incubator. In order to create a brand incubator, to better hatch into the incubation enterprise, the west district government set up a leading group of university students pioneering work, the introduction of the implementation of entrepreneurship incubator and entrepreneurial fund management approach. The center of "achievements entrepreneurial ideal, to witness the growth of" for the purpose of a management service area, business incubator area, information exchange, management department, business department, finance department expert consultation and training of Human Resources Department of the three district four service platform. Settled, the company can enjoy the rent subsidies, subsidies, job subsidies, social security subsidies, tax relief, small loan guarantees and other financial incentives and other preferential policies.

at present, there are 27 engaged in trade, logistics, exhibition, culture and media industry, college students in the first year of small and micro enterprises zero rent settled, second, respectively, to pay the rent of 20%, 50%. In the longest period of not more than three years, incubation period, if the small and micro enterprises, plump, ready to leave the community to grow. The center will set up a file for every small business development, poor performance, or in violation of the relevant policy requirements of small and micro enterprises, at any time may be moved out of business incubator center. Other applications settled and meet the conditions of small and micro enterprises, will be placed in standby.

to start the ceremony, graduated from Qinghai University for nationalities, Xining is now the Jingshan Hill conference and exhibition company manager Fan Zhiming on behalf of the incubated enterprises launched the "business alliance proposal" Chengxi District college students, entrepreneurship initiative alliance members consciously abide by the laws and regulations of the party and the country, fulfill social obligations, to help students improve the awareness of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial the ability and management level, to explore the road of development. (author: Xiao Liu)

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