Qinghai’s first trip in Central Europe next month

In order to strengthen

and Belt and Road Initiative along the country’s cooperation and exchanges, to further expand the pace of opening up, after actively preparing for the provincial commerce, customs, inspection and quarantine, China Railway Container Companies and other departments in our province, the first trip to central trains will be officially started in September 8th, nearly 50 containers of carpet and organic wolfberry through the course of 12 days will arrive in the European market. The opening of the central European class, which means that the pace of opening up Qinghai has taken a big step forward.

according to the Department of Commerce responsible person, the train will carry nearly 50 containers, all containers will be all through the customs, commodity inspection, taxation, business, China Railway Container Company, Himalaya company, Tibetan sheep, antelope and other 9 units of source check, the container main loading marks the characteristics of Qinghai Tibetan carpet and organic Chinese wolfberry. Qinghai is relying on the local rich cattle, wool (cashmere) resources, to build the world’s wool carpet manufacturing center and the international production center of Tibetan carpets, Qinghai has become China’s largest production and export base of Tibetan carpet. At the same time, the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai, China has become an important organic wolfberry production and export base.

China railway container transport

for the whole logistics operation task of the person in charge, the train plan in September 8th from Xining double walled logistics center of Gansu, from Alashankou, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and the way to Poland, Germany, finally arrived in Belgium’s second largest city of Antwerp, across 6 countries, about 9838 among them, the domestic 2644 km, km, the foreign section of 7194 km, which lasted 12 days, a shortened shipping for at least 40 days, fully embodies the Eurasian railway channel safety, convenient, green and efficient transportation advantage. All the trains are shipped in a new printed with the "Central European train" brand identity of the railway special container.

8 15, the reporter in a waiting for the delivery of the company to see, the central bank opened the preparatory work carried out smoothly. According to reports, before the Tibetan carpet export only by sea to the United States, Europe, Australia, time will delay for a long time, and because the transportation time is long, the bundled carpet will leave a deep mark, so that the goods are greatly reduced. "Now our carpet is in Central Europe, only 12 days to reach the destination. Time is shortened, the cost of transportation has also come down, before going to sea, Qinghai is the rear, which is a disadvantage, and now take the central European class, Qinghai has become a frontier, which is a very good thing." The executive director of the company said.


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