Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao to carry out in depth investigation of Dundian

In September 18th, 19, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaolai to the North East Tibetan village of village of Datong County to carry out the new moon, "sparrow" months of investigation. City leaders Zhang Yonghai, Song Chenxi together research.

East ditch village is a minority village, 113 households, 453 people, among them, the poverty population of 135 people, accounting for about 30%. Wang Xiaoyi village walk home, one by one visit to poor families, farmers at home, in the fields, a detailed understanding of production and life, economic source, income situation and problems, difficult idea has 3 requirements; and the poor masses, party representatives, county and village cadres and villagers’ representatives held a forum to convey the general secretary Xi Jinping and the party the central concern of the poverty alleviation work and deployment with the language of the masses, and provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining convey work initiatives, listen carefully to the opinions of the masses of cadres, to encourage poor people to enhance the confidence of getting rid of poverty, poverty alleviation work to emphasize the "head" and "get to" find, hold to "ideas", help to "heart", poverty alleviation.

months of research to stimulate the cadres and masses of poverty confidence and enthusiasm. "Wang Xiao, Secretary of the months of research, make me both happy and moved, and full of shame and pressure." 26 years of grassroots work in the new North Tibetan township party secretary Liu Yongjun heart mixed with the taste of Chen, said that the future will go to the grassroots level, truly understand the suffering of the masses, down to earth to do a good job. The villagers have thanked the party’s policies and concerns, the future is full of hope, willing to lead the party organization, with their own hands to change the face of the village, and jointly create a happy life.  

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