Xining municipal organs Working Committee organized civilized etiquette knowledge contest

the clarion call of the city to create a civilized city has sounded, in May 20th, the Xining municipal organs Working Committee organized a civilized, know etiquette, tree new wind civilized etiquette knowledge contest. Municipal Committee, publicity minister Du Shupin, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress, such as the leadership of the game to watch and award winners for the award of the players, such as Zhu Huaping.

from the municipal units of the 29 teams participated in the knowledge contest. After three rounds of intense preliminaries, a total of 6 teams into the finals. In the finals, the atmosphere is active, the members of the team to deal with, from time to time to win the audience applause. After several rounds of questions will be answered, a total of questions, grab the answer and the risk of competition, and finally the city’s audit team won the first prize.

the civilized etiquette knowledge competition, not only in the municipal authorities set off a courtesy, etiquette, learn with the etiquette climax, but also to promote and promote the organs of civilized etiquette education activities in depth, effectively promote the observance of ritual norms, everywhere maintenance civilized environment morality, to promote the staff of municipal authorities cadres of the civilized etiquette consciousness, improve the overall level of civilization municipal authorities has played a significant role in promoting, to create a good cultural environment to promote the city to create a civilized city.


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