Eastern 12 new community service competition ability

and practice the party’s mass line of educational practice, recently, Chengdong District 12 new community, 1 around the town community service system reform, the second batch of teaching activities, to create national unity and progress of advanced areas and other key work, careful planning ideas, social management mechanism innovation, "competition" in the promotion of community the ability to serve the masses, the masses are widely praised by the community.

train station to the community area of party as the basis, the implementation of "2+1+N" party linkage mechanism, building the establishment of the joint system, the establishment of a "one-stop" community public service center, play the leading role of the Party committee, with its advanced lead the masses with a unique "9 secret word" provides high-quality and convenient the service for community residents; Zhou Jiaquan community full implementation of performance appraisal management system, according to the per capita monthly attendance, business completion rate, work efficiency and the satisfaction degree of the specific content of the evaluation means of the cadres and workers to work each month for specific quantitative assessment, do award, the jurisdiction of the masses to enjoy the high quality of community service Kangle; community through the "six steps" plan for the second batch of the party’s mass line of educational practice, the implementation of the "3456 community one by one by one "Working method, and effectively improve their understanding, carefully screening problems, improve service quality, enrich the connotation of service construction, were stationed in the building pattern, and lay a solid foundation to the mass line, learning and teaching activities to effectively implement and do practical things for the masses of the people to the Taining community; integration of social organization and social association, the formation of the elderly day care center and Property Management Studio, the formation of a national affairs association, the establishment of public cultural groups, set up a party loving fund, established professional service team, expand the actual content of the service of the masses by social organizations, to nurture and guide the work…… In the service area of the masses, the community to further improve and perfect a series of management system, strictly implement the district government "three major" and other relevant regulations, strengthen supervision of responsibility, strengthen the core tasks, improve execution, with the system of tubes steward, the institutionalization of the work of the community; the effective integration of human and material resources and financial resources, the strengthening of the "self management, self education and self service" function in the "grasping" efforts, in the "hard work", arouse the community enthusiasm of the staff team and play each staff skills, improve the community service ability. Let people get real benefits.


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