Fine to bring warmth to the world of ice and snow

Recently, the snow to dry not easily won in Xining have long brought a run. Large snowflakes fluttering in the sky, the sky falling Xuerong white and full induction of traffic police, high streets and back lanes of snow removing ice a sanitation workers, private cars and passers-by on the way to piggyback together, let us in this moment of cold temperatures, feel fine management, Xining city positive growth in Xining again the deep love and positive energy.

at the same time, many problems for the sudden heavy snow brings to the public, the Xining evening news also added to the fine service, the timely introduction of the "snow life intimate service" and "snow out three traffic travel information service"……

"go, I take you a." In the public bus, taxi to slow feeling nervous, when traffic is hard, some people are lucky to strangers "caught" private cars, the continuous snow, let people feel inconvenient, but some kind of private car owners to take the initiative to pull free roadside waiting for the bus carrying the public, let a lot of people in the cold wind the snow felt the warmth.The construction of city development and management of

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