Classification of our province to enhance the development of policies to stimulate employment

is facing the new challenges and opportunities, normal pressure and power alternate, human resources and social security department will always do a good job in the employment in the first place, vivid and compose a new era of the feelings of the people’s livelihood, for the people to produce a satisfactory answer.


12th Five-Year" period, the province of urban employment 290 thousand people, the transfer of agricultural and pastoral areas of urban and rural labor training labor of 5 million 630 thousand passengers, 420 thousand passengers, 23718 to all kinds of entrepreneurs issuing small loans 2 billion 237 million yuan, the quality of employment, the structure and pattern of major changes, more and more people through the employment of entrepreneurs to achieve the improvement of life, to enjoy the economic the fruits of development.

2016 spring, which opened a new chapter in the "13th Five-Year", in April this year, the province employment (migrant workers) work leading group held the meeting, write a blueprint for the annual solid job employment work.

town 60 thousand new jobs, the level of urban unemployment rate of less than 3.5%, college graduates employment rate of more than 85%, farmers and herdsmen transfer employment of 1 million 50 thousand people." In the face of this year’s employment goals and tasks, in the arrangements for the deployment of vice governor Cheng Lihua, the province’s employment will be through a series of policies and measures to promote employment, reduce the burden on enterprises, according to different groups classified policy, strengthen the key areas for guidance and support, adhere to the strategy of giving priority to employment, to complete the job tasks and stabilize the employment situation for the target, with the employment of college graduates as the focus, persist in reform and innovation, strengthen coordination, to promote economic restructuring and upgrading to provide a strong guarantee.

to expand employment fundamentally rely on economic development, stable employment fundamentally rely on stable growth. This year, our province will develop models and formats through innovative services, to encourage the development of financial leasing, e-commerce, logistics and other life service industry and cultural tourism, health care and entertainment services, improve the service industry employment proportion. At the same time, the implementation of the action plan to seize the new industry "hit three years in our province, and start the" 100 upgrade project "and other opportunities, promote industrial upgrading and expanding employment interaction, forming the linkage effect of economic development and employment.

college graduates and structural adjustment of the unemployed employment and resettlement issues in a timely and important, but also a difficult issue, the people’s livelihood and social harmony. This year, our province will continue the employment of college graduates will work in the first place of employment, to promote employment and entrepreneurship guidance program as the main starting point, the full implementation of the "on further well under the new situation of the employment work to implement the views of", "to deepen higher education reform plan", precise measures and policies to all employment the willingness of unemployed graduates to achieve employment. On the employment of graduates, especially rural poor, long-term unemployed college students to provide one person one policy special assistance. At the same time, do a good job of organs and institutions to recruit, grassroots services, to encourage the employment of small and medium enterprises, to further broaden the employment channels for college students. On the other hand, do a good job in the new generation of migrant workers, poverty and other groups of employment, the initiative to adapt to modern;

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