ndustrial innovation is the breakthrough of industrial technology

this year, the province’s industrial areas of scientific and technological innovation, innovation driven, transformation and upgrading, efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of development. The second half of the year, the province also in the development of key industries and key technical breakthrough efforts to cultivate new at top speed, the advantages of industrial development, to build the province’s economic development in the new energy, to provide strong technical support and inexhaustible motive force of development.

three aspects to explore innovation

"strong innovation", completed a year of technological innovation investment more than 10 billion yuan; three years cumulative innovation and technological transformation 150; new technology center at the provincial level 10 enterprises above the provincial level enterprise technology center in the enterprise R & D investment accounted for the proportion of main business income remained above 3%; this year, and strive to achieve innovation and technological transformation 50. "Technical innovation", and strive to three years to complete the transformation project 600, completed an investment of 70 billion yuan; the implementation of this year 200 technology upgrade project, and strive to complete the investment of 22 billion yuan; through the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced new technologies, new technology, new equipment, and soon on the existing low-end production equipment and technology upgrade. "Cost reduction", the implementation of the national high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises incentives to reduce the cost of enterprise innovation; and further promote the "Internet +" industrial enterprises in key industries, support production equipment, production process, logistics management digitalization and intelligentization, promote enterprise technology, product and business model innovation.

four major projects

around 4 billion yuan industrial base construction. Lithium industry, the focus is to enhance the technical level of Saline Lake lithium battery, the development of supporting industries, to promote the application of energy storage, promote the production of electric vehicles and construction of upstream and downstream development of the whole industrial chain of lithium. The focus of the new material industry is relying on the characteristics of resources and industrial base, the development of advanced basic materials as a breakthrough to accelerate the cultivation of pillar industries. Photovoltaic thermal industry is the focus of the development of leading enterprises in the industry, improve the supporting industries, to create an important national photovoltaic thermal manufacturing and application industry base. Saline Lake chemical recycling industry is the focus of the extension of the industrial chain, the expansion of industrial clusters, the construction of distinctive features, the advantages of Saline Lake’s comprehensive utilization of circular economy industrial system.

around the construction of 300 key projects. To focus on the industrial park and 15 major industrial base as the carrier, go all out on the project, grasping investment, bigger enterprises, strong industries, and constantly cultivate new economic growth points.

around innovation and technological renovation projects. Each year for the implementation of 100 upgrade project, to support the traditional industrial development to upgrade equipment and process, improve product quality, optimize product quality structure, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, lowering the efficiency as the main goal of technological transformation. Arrangements for the implementation of each year hundreds of innovative projects to support the joint development of common key technologies to solve the problem, to promote the development of high-end industry, large-scale, cluster development, seize the commanding heights of emerging industries.

around 2 companies to promote the development of engineering. In key industries to accelerate the implementation of the hundred households collar;

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