Qinghai real estate information network formally launched yesterday

after more than a year of research and development and debugging, the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction of the Qinghai real estate information network (http://s.www.qhfang100.com/), on July 7th formally run on the internet. The site is divided into two parts, government platform and service platform, is an important platform for the release of the real estate information.

it is understood that the analysis of the site platform mainly issued to the real estate policy, industry news and the real estate market, public enterprises and practitioners of relevant information, advanced enterprises and demonstration area, set up convenient download and information query columns, to facilitate public inquiries related information; service platform mainly covers the real estate enterprise, information query, query the pre-sale permit, the provident fund query query and so on, people stay at home can be full with the real estate related content query.

at the same time, this site is also set up a "Sichuan quality housing" column for the residents in Sichuan province to provide reference. The next step, Qinghai real estate information network will also set up a "second-hand housing" column, to release the second-hand housing and housing rental housing to the public, can directly access the website of "second-hand housing" column to publish listings information free operation. Open affordable housing housing information to ensure the distribution of affordable housing open, transparent.


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