The first cable stayed bridge completed the first pile

Reporters from the Provincial Communications Department was informed that in March 31st, our province is currently the first span in Northwest China’s largest cable-stayed bridge and the Yellow River bridge – wow beach at 15:30 on March 29th, after 5.5 hours of intense construction, the main pier of the first root diameter of 2.8 meters, 50 meters deep large diameter bridge pile foundation of the successful completion of concrete pouring.

is located in Longhua County, and the Yellow River beach wow bridge, is the gateway to Huangnan state highway one of the main engineering Yashenga to Tongren, the main bridge 1000 meters long, 28 meters wide, the main tower up to 193.6 meters high, about 65 storeys high. Since the project started in September last year, builders has completed the construction of bridge 512 meters long erection and water platform construction work, and in March this year, the beginning of all 48 root pile diameter of 2.8 meters, depth of 50 meters and 62 meters respectively for bored pile construction. In March 28th, the first root pile after the success of the construction personnel and all through the night lifting storage tank, installation conduit, made full preparations for the pouring of concrete.

according to the Provincial Bureau executives teeth with highway project director Yang Hongfu introduced the construction task and wow beach bridge plan in June of this year at the end of the full bridge 48 piles, the completion of the construction of the end caps and tower bridge, ready for the next tower construction, plans to build the bridge in 2017.


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