Xining health supervision and inspection ban 521 illegal units throughout the year

  December 19th afternoon, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau informed the city’s food hygiene special rectification situation, pointed out that this year the city health supervision departments in the catering industry and food production and business units of the inspection operation, warning of illegal 3414 times, 3175 times, rectification shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification 608, banned 431 households, a fine of 1011 households, the total amount of 352974 yuan penalty and confiscation of illegally processed food and 82995 kilograms of raw materials, investigated and removed from the employees of infectious diseases 430.

it is reported that this year, the city and district (county) two level health supervision departments to "food safety project" and "Food Safety Act" as the main line, for the city’s small restaurants, food wholesale market, farmhouse and public places, illegal practice of medicine, School of health, occupation disease prevention and control to carry out special rectification, which dealt with a large number of illegal business units or households. Strong improvement in public health, with a small beauty salon, a small bathroom and a small hotel as the focus, the supervision and punishment business households 1967, of which 772 times warned, rectification rectification 1099 times, 228 times, 134 times, a fine of 36200 yuan fine, confiscation of goods 318, the detection of 106 personnel were transferred from the infectious disease. Crack down on illegal medical work, the city has identified problems in 324 units, including warning, ordered to correct 234, rectification 19 households, 90 households, 87 households on a fine, a fine of 103480 yuan and confiscated 120 pieces of medical devices. In the inspection of the city’s 137 existing occupation hazards in the enterprise, on the year of diagnosis of occupation disease and occupation contraindications 16 officers issued a notice of transfer, issued supervision submissions and ordered rectification 90 enterprises to carry out occupation health work ineffective.


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