The 2013 annual FRST Youth Film Festival Awards ceremony held last night 17 symbolizes the highest

on the evening of July 27th, 2013 annual "China · Xining · FIRST Youth Film Festival" award ceremony held in Qinghai grand theatre. From many film directors and film "heavyweight" across the country and student volunteers and movie lovers together. After considering the jury at the enemies ", the two main competition unit 17 Youth Film Award, won the highest honor symbol of Youth Film Festival" crystal brick".

this year, by the China Film Critics Association, the Xining Municipal People’s Government jointly organized a number of domestic and foreign film institutions FIRST youth film exhibition ushered in the seventh year. The FIRST Youth Film Festival held full of pioneering and innovation of contemporary college students hitherto unknown to the film industry, but also injected a fresh blood for the China film industry, introduced a breeze. The film festival held for the opening up of Xining exchange has added a thick and heavy in colours.

the final award of the film show through the six open and fair selection, selected from the works of the 1004 finalists in the works of the award of the 17 awards in the selection of the 44. Among them, "it is the story of" Josephine "and" essence "" beauty "cockroaches" sister "we here forever" "sweet eighteen" "Sunday morning" and other films won the best experimental film, best animated film, best documentary, best actor award, best film music award, best cinematography and best short other awards, the rest of the movie is to obtain the corresponding award respectively.

day held ceremony hosted by the youth film featuring Ni Ping, attended the ceremony and the famous actor Hailu Qin, Li Xiaoran, Liang Jing, singer Tan Weiwei, Yang Xiucuo, the famous director and actor Xu Zheng, Cao Bao equal film industry leader. (author: Wu Yachun)


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