Tianshifu joining fee details Braised pork in brown sauce

for red meat, Braised pork in brown sauce is like a drug, a period of time will not eat so desperately. Braised pork in brown sauce, sweet and delicious, marbled entrance, will make people think of the DC slobber. A popular restaurant Braised pork in brown sauce is also a good choice. Tianshifu joined the investment of Braised pork in brown sauce, next to the interested franchisees to join the cost details.

The cost of joining

is as follows:

a, investment need to pay the cost of joining:

1, joined the default margin: 50 thousand yuan.

2, brand use fee: each store, the monthly turnover of 2% of the store.

two, income distribution:

from a harmonious management company (hereinafter referred to as the management company) to take over from the date of calculation.

1, 70% of the proceeds of the restaurant for the profit of investors, the management of the company received a restaurant income of $30% as a management fee and the interests of the Brand Company.

2, restaurant revenue refers to the cumulative income. If the restaurant does not yield, that the restaurant has accumulated losses, the relevant losses borne by investors. Investors should be based on losses in a timely manner to compensate for losses, to ensure the normal operation of the restaurant. If the restaurant does not have revenue, the management company has no revenue, the relevant management fees borne by the management company.

3, profit allocation time:

quarterly distribution, that is, in January, in April, in July, in the year of the distribution of the four, in the first quarter of one or two, the profit distribution of the three quarter of the year. But in case of special circumstances, can be postponed until the next quarter.

three, joined the company management fees, training fees and other expenses borne by the management and so on, which is extracted from the management company, assigned to the 30% revenue management company, has nothing to do with the distribution to investors 70% of revenue.

through the introduction of small series, I believe we all have a very understanding of this issue!

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