Sales should not be too

anytime, anywhere, no matter what we do, is always easy to receive a variety of telemarketing calls, so many people worry. Even some salesman either intensive or telephone, most people simply make a long and minute statement, bear, and tired of psychological. So, marketing must remember, can not be too".

"I’m not going to wash your hair? The results about the way miss shampoo maintenance knowledge, in order to promote their new hair course, bores me brain buzzing let them shut up, let them know that this is the boss of promotion, that support it, so the next time I’m too lazy to go."

"I have been in the store to do beauty, beauty is to do a rest, but every time to do beauty, beauty, said you can not miss here, where the relaxation, so that other courses. Sometimes it will be promised, but a long time you feel very, I think this counseling too, more than the needs of our customers. Businesses can not because of the expansion of sales, they put us as fat pork ah. So after I had a heart, how to say it is not open, so we are very embarrassed. Slowly I finished this card, also plans to change a beauty salon."

"the most annoying is the real estate agent, and you do a deal, will always have the power to disturb you. There’s nothing wrong with a phone call. Boss, I need to call you. I’m in a meeting…… Don’t know how the property management office to disclose the owners of the mobile phone number to the intermediary, that is good, I can receive more than a dozen intermediary calls a day, almost curse. Finally, only blacklist, a phone call on the blacklist."

"the insurance company is also the virtue, I am in May each year due to expire, every year in April to receive numerous insurance brokers telephone. Especially angry is that I have peace and continued insurance, there are people who have Ping An insurance call me. I asked him, before you call do not know to check?"

"too far", such an embarrassing situation encountered almost every consumer. In fact, this marketing model has little effect, and even make the original customers away.

can be familiar with the client business roots, but should pay attention to ways and strength, can not think how on how to. Customers to your shop for consumption, that is to spend money in order to make yourself comfortable, hard push clients will be flawed, then don’t come.

cannot deal with customers is a simple matter, afraid that because of this "too" sell but never lose the customer, and then affect their career. So, if you want to better sales performance, it is important to grasp the rhythm.

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