Open a hot business teahouse also need a housekeeper

want to make a shop business is hot, we need to do a good job will involve all aspects of the content, for the opening of the teahouse is even more so. With the further development of science and technology, traditional industries such as tea began to absorb modern elements, in order to adapt to the modern social personality and fashion needs, such as Wuyutai provide Internet service in the teahouse is one of them.

In fact, not only in terms of service

follow the trend of the times, but also in terms of management has begun to use advanced management technology for customer service. Recently, I talked with a friend of a teahouse management software, some of which are worth learning.

friends of the teahouse management software is equivalent to a computer housekeeper, it is unique in that the customer can be recorded in detail each time consumption. The next guests to visit, just a little finger, the last time the guests consumed tea varieties will be clear. As a result, the service can be in accordance with the personal preferences of the guests, more accurate, more humane to the guests.

friend said, some second guests to visit the teahouse, our waiter can shout out their name, know which unit they are, then the guests in surprise at the same time very touched, then slowly turned into loyal customers. Friends of the fair, I believe that the management of the magic function of the software. For this reason, I feel happy, after all, the tea industry began to introduce modern management tools, attention to the experience of the guests, to grasp the needs of the guests.

modern management theory believes that the customer is the most important asset of the enterprise, must be genuinely concerned about the customer’s situation and needs, not just want to sell or provide services to customers. But even if all the staff sincerely care for customers, is still not enough, because everyone in the enterprise in all aspects of the capacity is not the same.

so there must be a good system of collection or accumulation of customer knowledge in order to make a systematic analysis of the knowledge and make full use of it in every contact with the customer. Teahouse "management software" came into being, became the right-hand man of the teahouse manager. However, the author believes that the installation of the teahouse management software, the computer can not act as the protagonist, it can only play a supporting role.

even if the function of the computer is strong enough, it can not have the same delicate perception of people, to collect information about the personality, preferences and other information. The important role of customer relationship management is to find out the real needs of the guests, so as to provide targeted, personal service. Computers can only help the human brain to store information and aid in the analysis of information gathered. The leading role is to directly face the guests teahouse waiter, they can provide a lot of information in the process of providing services to the guests.

I have been to a teahouse

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