Hefei new home prices rose 5 8%

in the face of the recovery of the real estate, we also ushered in a situation of rising prices. So, in the past year, China’s major cities housing prices are like? What is the price of your city? Here is a small series and explore it.

over the past year rose more than 60%, Shenzhen (real estate) property market in April temporarily stopped crazy, new home prices rose narrowed, second-hand housing prices are falling.

prices rose narrowed the situation also occurred in Beijing, Shanghai (real estate) and Guangzhou (real estate). However, more and more two or three cities to join the property market price army".

China’s National Bureau of statistics released 18 April China’s urban housing prices in 70. In the past month, the emergence of new changes in China’s urban housing prices rise: first tier cities rose, two or three cities rose.

70 large and medium cities, in April there are 65 cities new commercial housing prices rose in March compared to the same period, the number of home prices rose more than the number of cities in the year of March increased by 3.

these 65 cities, housing prices rose more than 1% in the city has more than 22, an increase of 4. Home prices rose more than 5% in the city has 2, including Hefei (real estate) new house prices rose by 5.8%, Xiamen (real estate) new house prices rose by 5.3%.

Although housing prices increase in the number of

City, but had led the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, the price of new homes and second-hand housing prices both narrowed, Shenzhen second-hand housing prices even fell last month to 0.4%.

at the same time, part of the second tier cities rose more than last month to expand the chain, some have more than first tier cities rose.

City National Bureau of Statistics Division Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei said, preliminary estimates, in April the new commercial housing prices rose more than the combined average of first-tier cities narrowed 0.7 percentage points last month, the two or three line of the city last month to expand 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points respectively.

although compared to last month, the first tier cities temporarily stop the property market madness, but from the same period, the first tier cities property market is still significant.

over the past year, Shenzhen new home prices rose more than 60%, Shanghai house prices rose more than 30%, Beijing prices rose more than 20%, Guangzhou prices also rose by 10% to seven.

123 line city prices are showing a rising trend across the board. Liu Jianwei revealed that in April a second tier cities new commercial housing prices rose over the same period last year, the average monthly growth continued to expand, the three line of the city has also been an average annual decline from the rise, began to rise.

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