How much money investment Qiao Qiao bridge vermicelli

a bridge noodle story spread so far, people remember this beautiful story of delicacy, now the bridge noodle brand throughout the country, if you want to open a noodle brand shop, Xiaobian recommended for you in this kind of clever lady noodle.

Qiao Qiao bridge vermicelli is a company with many years of experience in food and beverage, directly under the "smart lady" noodle brand. "Yunnan bridge rice noodle" with a strong flavor of the soup, long aftertaste of the unique taste, won the favor of the vast number of consumers. In order to cater to modern people’s green, environmental protection, healthy diet concept, thus the deployment of a special secret sauce. Gradually created a clever lady Yunnan bridge noodle brand. The product has delicious soup taste, spicy but not dry, hemp and not astringent, the characteristics of the entrance lead a person to endless aftertastes. In addition, the "smart lady of Yunnan bridge noodle" with licorice, cinnamon and other medicinal herbs, can clear the liver, to remove heat, dampness, spleen and stomach, prevent cancer, enhance appetite and eliminate fatigue and other effects.

Xiaogan is the only one in the city of Xiaogan in the name of filial piety, is also the day, Dong Yong’s hometown, Xiaogan from the city of Wuhan 60 kilometers, traffic is convenient, many outstanding people, is the world’s top 500 enterprises to invest in the city, the headquarters of the branch in Xiaogan is in line with the national radiation for the purpose of business strategy. This is also to allow North and south to join the business convenience, logistics and more smooth. As the industry famous enterprises brand, clever lady of Yunnan bridge noodle has the product R & D center, central kitchen, marketing company production base, have more "professional" and "scientific" and "standardization" and "innovation" business philosophy, clever lady tenet: "chain, Chinese let the rice noodle win-win cooperation, nutritious and delicious service every one!" Mrs. clever integration of traditional craft and modern management of a large number of resources, make the production processing, the management is very simple.

Qiao Qiao bridge investment advantages:

1, new product launch support: Monthly launch new products;

2, due to the unified technology and operating mode of operation, the franchisee can greatly reduce costs and ensure smooth operation;

3, headquarters to provide a unified free logo design, shop design, gift bags, packaging bags you design light spray painting design, promotion design, shop pop flag and poster design, exhibition design;

4, the headquarters of a comprehensive brand publicity, so that the brand in the domestic food and beverage market has considerable influence and visibility, we will have a professional brand promotion team to help franchisees do brand promotion;

5, assist site evaluation: Exhibition shop early, will help you expand the headquarters site store, analyze the professional assessment of Dianzhi intention you selected, according to the local.

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