Choose what brand to join milk tea better

to join the election is very important to the brand, a good franchise brand can bring more consumers to join stores, to create a more lucrative income, often have a multiplier effect. Many friends see the future market of milk tea, want to join the brand. So, join the milk tea project, then what brand of milk tea is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, coco milk tea. Coco milk tea was founded in 1997, is a cross across the three places, Europe and the United States, and Southeast Asia, South Africa and other countries, with an international vision of the brand, to join milk tea to choose what brand is good? So far has established a chain of more than 1600 cities around the world. Coco milk tea to join the lower cost, high profit, low risk is a good investment projects, you want to join the tea shop friends can visit the field.

2, happy lemon milk tea. Join milk tea to choose what brand is good? Happy lemon milk tea is well-known brands of milk tea, 01 months in 2006, the use of the operating mode of a happy lemon. Happy lemon happy lemon rubber company is a rapid development of vivid beverage retail brand, just five months in Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and other places to set up close to twenty stores. Happy lemon happy lemons firms strength, perfect system, good benefits, to provide unlimited space for development.

3, drink tea story. The story of tea drinks franchise brand was founded in 2008, belongs to Hunan longrun Trade Co. Ltd., tea story investment advantages is the new upgrade, join the tea to choose what brand is good? The signs have a lot of products such as hand tea, tea, Hokkaido tea, red grass fragrant Chocolate Milk Tea, Royal Milk Tea, coffee, milk medin love germ milk tea and so on. And they provide a full set of professional advice, store operations, after-sales service, as well as the supply of imported equipment and raw materials. But the service of the lord.

4, honey, fruit tea. Sweet fruit tea is Hangzhou Kiwi drinks technology chain corporation a fashion brand beverage. Join milk tea to choose what brand is good? The brand with fresh extraction, is to drink freshly brewed based drinks, coffee and joined the business philosophy, to provide first-class taste, affordable PFP coffee drinks, with convenient delivery service, to bring the tea chain business model for consumers to create a home belonging to Starbucks.

5, I drink good products. Paile (Chinese) Catering Management Limited Hong Kong Style drinks brand’s professional has to keep pace with the times are famous, he is Hot Tea, HK Style, I drink good, give people a warm and comfortable feeling, join the tea to choose what brand is good? The store in green tone, striking brand LOGO, a superb collection of beautiful things of delicious drinks, arranged in good order the whole store furnishings, is simple and refreshing.

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