Depending on the customer as a friend to get consumer recognition

how to look at the customer, everyone will have a different understanding, in short, if you want to get more customers trust, but also we need to really see as a friend". However, how to do this, how to grasp the degree of relevance, in fact, is a very critical factor. So, how can it be regarded as a true friend as a friend?


to the mall to see the clothes, the waiter very warm, came Daliang, said the dress is comfortable and good-looking, but also touched the skirt fabric, and in the process of the follow to guess what work is done. I try the clothes, she is a good word of praise, but her "personal services" so I feel quite uncomfortable, so looking for a chance to leave.

depending on the customer as a friend is to be moderate, natural, not cold, and can not be too disturbed. Customer service as a friend to get along with each other, the distance between each other to be appropriate, not only to make people feel your sincerity, but also can not let people have too much pressure.


family’s razor accidentally fell to the ground and fell a little, knife net broken. This razor is very expensive to buy, the time is not long, suddenly broke the feel pity. But there is no way to buy the same again! In a supermarket counters, the author explained what he wanted, the waiter asked: "the razor can rotate normally?" "Can turn, that is, the network is broken." I say. Can turn to explain the movement is not bad, you just need to buy a knife back to the network installed on it." Waiter said. A knife net more than ten thousand dollars, in the heart of the kind of bad to break the feeling of a sudden No.

depending on the customer as a friend, listen attentively to the customer’s demands, and then want to think of the customer. As the waiter, compassionate customer feel pity for the mood, for the customer to save unnecessary expenses. There is also a dialectic in business – a mind only to make money, but not for the customer to consider, the road will become narrower and narrower; sincere for the sake of customers, in order to retain customers, bring financial resources.


cell to the supermarket to buy things, checkout, the owner threw a plastic bag, and then change. Find the money, I also didn’t buy things up, because carrying things not convenient. But the shopkeeper still didn’t help him to pretend he was busy watching the video.

is the world famous "their" dumplings in addition to quality and taste are first-class, first-class service. For example, the guests need paper towels, after the waiter immediately sent away, will observe why the customer need paper towels, if there is grease to stained clothes, they will immediately send up cleaner. In the new employee training, they have a special

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