What is the cost of joining Ashanti nanowires

rice noodles, the South called rice noodles, is a traditional Chinese snacks. One is to bridge the vermicelli is one of the most famous as a traditional snack noodle, the future market is very impressive, A Xiang is the market leader in rice noodle, is a good brand, then join what is the cost? Small issue in the following.

join fee constitute

The initial investment cost of

nanowires Ashanti is composed of trademark fees, renovation costs, the first purchase fee, deposit and equipment costs. Want to know the specific cost must contact the Ashanti noodle headquarters, headquarters professional staff will determine the investment cost you according to your store size, position and degree of decoration.

operating expenses and profit analysis

1, Maogu monthly turnover

products are generally priced Ashanti nanowires menu in the 18-24 yuan, under normal circumstances a day to sell about 500 copies of the product, each unit price will count by 20 yuan, a day sales is 10000 yuan. Monthly sales of =10000*30=300000 yuan

2, monthly gross profit

generally, single cost Ashanti nanowires remained at around 65%, the raw material is about 30% of sales, so the monthly gross profit = sales amount * gross profit rate of =30000 yuan *65%=195000 yuan

3, monthly operating costs

monthly store rent of about 20000 yuan, according to the actual situation of the store, the rent will fluctuate up and down, we will take an average of about $20000. According to statistics, the monthly store utilities in about 5000 yuan. The use of equipment every month will be a loss, the need for a small sum of money for equipment maintenance, the maintenance fee of about 200 yuan. If the store hired 7 clerk, then everyone’s salary at 3000 yuan / month, therefore, the staff salary of =3000*7=21000 yuan.

month operating costs =20000+5000+200+21000=46200 yuan

4, monthly net profit

month net profit = gross profit – month investment =195000 yuan -46200=148800 yuan

from the above data we can see, to open a noodle shop every month we Ashanti pure.

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