Open dry cleaning stores these little details you know

would like to look at the dry cleaning franchise friends must pay attention to the different decorations on the clothes, the method is different. Therefore, the dry cleaners must be aware of the importance of clothing accessories, in the work to give enough attention. Here are some tips for you to join the business:

1, if there is a sign of a dry cleaning line on the laundry, dry cleaning that should be very careful when cleaning according to the needs, then this requirement also applies to the decoration. Because this line at least were restricted to four aspects:

this requires cleaning staff in the inspection of fabric, to decide which one limitation is crucial, and now many of our employees are dry in daily operations to ignore these.

2, should reduce the decoration and buttons, prevent the button off, or fabric should be turned into a washing bag. Of course, also need to reduce the washing cycle time, reduce the load of the cage.

3, if some clothing decoration component that is in the wearing of polyurethane, usually curved, only after dry cleaning, torn, peeling phenomenon will appear completely. This is because the plastic used for decoration or button can not withstand the repeated impact of the conventional dry cleaning cycle.


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