The network has become the Zhang Jinfeng store intimate matchmaker

in the eyes of many people, the network may be just a tool, it makes our life more exciting. However, for many retailers, if you can make good use of the network will become a good tool for making money. This does not, Zhang Jinfeng deep understanding of this point.

More proficient in

at the Qi Chang Taiyan instrument T-junction Hotel Zhang Jinfeng boss of the network, in addition to her every day to run their own shops, as long as a free open computer to browse the web, some relatively high degree of credibility of the goods found their own wishful shopping website. If you find the goods you need to buy some of them in the store when the "signature dishes". Zhang Jinfeng found himself more and more inseparable from the network over time. If a broken Skynet she felt like losing what point like, always looking forward to quickly get online.

2014 years before the Spring Festival, Zhang Jinfeng when browsing the site, found a Inner Mongolia Erdos produced cheese and sugar, Mongolia milky tea, these commodity packaging atmosphere, looks very delicate, so she decided to buy two bags to try again. Less than two days after the goods were sent to Henan, Zhang Jinfeng received, forced not to look forward to open a package, and then placed on the counter so that the store to shop customers have tasted fresh.

there are a lot of customers have to boast that this cheese is not only delicious taste of milk and pure milk, the child’s favorite. So, she and her husband to negotiate, the store vacated a set of counters, and then buy one hundred bags of Inner Mongolia cheese sugar, placed in the above, marked on the price tag Inner Mongolia specialty, to improve customer attention. Zhang Jinfeng did not expect to buy one hundred bags of sugar cheese were sold out in less than a week, also earned a lot of money.

this online shopping so that Zhang Jinfeng tasted the sweetness, in her heart began to want to buy the idea of goods from the internet. Because these goods store no other business, has become a business, so customers are her customers. Zhang Jinfeng from the online shopping goods is full of confidence, the hard feelings of online shopping.

after about a week or so, Zhang Jinfeng began to online shopping, she found a catty about Inner Mongolia fried rice price is appropriate, she will seize the Henan winter is cold, people lazy this psychological, because only a red rice tea drink, she first bought 20 packages to Mongolia fried rice market. Buy back, she found that the fried rice is not only delicious, but also relatively easy. The price is moderate.

for a long time, Zhang Jinfeng is familiar with them, the price is better, a lot of these fried rice soon attracted around the customer response, every customer’s purchasing power gradually increased, Zhang Jinfeng took advantage of some people I have achieved good returns. Those to the store to buy fried rice customers will buy a few packs of cigarettes back to.

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