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food and beverage market as the world a small microcosm of Nothing is too strange.. What will exist, for example to find the steak restaurant market to join the project, what kind of steak brands are possible, see if you can find the most suitable, before we find, you need to try. So small in here to introduce you to a good steak to join the brand – fize steak.

has baked steak steak spray process, saving time and labor, raw materials, technology is the characteristic of steak. Ltd. was founded in July 2007, with the Philippines, "pizza", "Fei Chao super Steak" two food and beverage brands, is committed to engage in a casual restaurant business catering business. Now is also a lot of franchisees are keen to invest in a project, then how much is the fee to join


how much does it cost?

join fee is as follows:

standard store: 50 thousand

platinum shop: 80 thousand

flagship store: 120 thousand

management fee: 10 thousand

per year

margin: 30 thousand

‘s brand value is derived from its accurate grasp of customer service needs, and the successful integration of a variety of quality services and rich resources, reflecting its unique quality. With its advanced management concept, perfect service, high quality products, as well as more products and services that are in line with the Chinese consumer habits, it has spread to many consumers in a new way.

has only China steak people could afford to eat the delicacy! Mass consumption, civilian price, suitable for everyone. All the headquarters of the standardization process, easy to learn, no chef, no smoke, let you worry and effort! Welcome to the franchisees fizzer steak, together to get rich


If the

for this brand to join you and what fize steak doesn’t clearly need to consult our please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff for the first time to contact you after seeing the message.

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