Zheng intersection 10 13 upcoming cross border e commerce development

with the advent of the Internet era, everything seems to be closely linked with the Internet, and even do business, cross-border electricity supplier in the market is also favored. Sponsored by the Henan Provincial People’s government, Zhengzhou Municipal People’s government, Henan Provincial Department of Commerce hosted the twenty-second session of the Zhengzhou national Commodities Fair (hereinafter referred to as Zheng Fair) will be held in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center from October 13, 2016 to 16. So, how to develop cross-border e-commerce?

it is understood that the intersection of Zheng (Zhengzhou) China seize the favorable opportunity of Comprehensive Experimental Zone cross-border e-commerce in Henan Province, and Zhengzhou City, the development of cross-border e-commerce, for the province’s electricity supplier demonstration county (city and district) issued an invitation, deeply related industrial parks and key enterprises to promote propaganda.

the opening ceremony to be held in October 13th 9:30-9:45 Zheng rendezvous in Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center Exhibition held before the square, trading hours 9:00-17:00 on October 13th -16, will be divided into indoor exhibition hall and outdoor exhibition, according to the regional industry division and foreign goods, cross-border electricity providers, consumer electronics and other 11 Commodities Exhibition, there will be Britain, Germany, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and other more than and 20 countries and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions and 20 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions more than 2000 exhibitors participating, the audience is expected to exceed 200 thousand people.

need to be reminded that, unlike the previous year Zheng rendezvous, the general audience need to carry valid documents to log in before entering the exhibition hall to visit, professional audience and buyers also need to carry valid documents to apply for permits to go private channel admission.

although many rural areas in China is not very rich, but also has its own characteristics, with the development of the Internet itself, is a good choice. The Zheng rendezvous in addition to the stability and development of the previous mature professional exhibition, such as fishing gear exhibition, exhibition, tea jewelry exhibition and outdoor car exhibition, the exhibition for young consumer groups set up consumer electronics exhibition area of 6000 square meters; with Chinese (Zhengzhou) cross-border electronic commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone to attract international Youpin, Zhou Zhou Hai excellent, all products such as cross-border electronic business platform for exhibitors, exhibition area of 3000 square meters; Henan province with the actual industrial and consumer demand of the public to set up special food exhibition.

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