Rely on the network to pull the popularity of roadside shops business

The emergence of

network has greatly changed our lives, changing every aspect of our lives, and even roadside shops, roadside stalls by the influence of the Internet, then, a roadside shop by the network to what effect? May wish to take a look at!


"Holiday Sunshine" is Xiangyang Road on an ordinary men’s clothing store, but to the businesses surrounding the surprise, in the geographical conditions are the same, there are many foreign customers come to inquire about the day, custom clothing manufacturers are in a continuous line. When the Xiangyang Road clothing market is no longer popular, "Holiday Sunshine" but still can keep 4 per month, $50 thousand. "The store and sale of mutual network platform, network reputation to bring the business to me, but the store also made the reputation of puerile.

"boss Bao Youfu explains the" Holiday Sunshine "business secret. In 2002, when many people still remain in the online chat, Bao Youfu was in the Equ online registration of the first account, start the electronic commerce. Because at that time the trust of online transactions are not many people, he was set to open the market strategy is to improve the operation of the store from the online customer feedback. From the beginning of 2004, due to the fixed supply channels, Bao Youfu made a clear division of labor to their store and shop store business network: male leisure trade products, closure of the Xiangyang Road market crowd; network sales of outdoor sports products, brand oriented pursuit of low-end customers domestic and foreign outdoor products market is not mature the small and medium-sized city area. "If you do not use the network platform, my monthly turnover of 30 thousand yuan, but the communication with clients on the network, a lot of people on my leisure products of interest, so down, my monthly income will increase 1/3."


on the network drive popularity, rely on the network to lead the market, even if it is not famous, not the color of the small.

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