What are the operating techniques of brand bags

people’s daily lives, where the use of bags are very large, so the market prospects for the sale of bags, do brand sales, what are the business skills? Follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

A, choose the brand

select brand is married to his wife, directly determines whether your family happiness, your wife and you must at least be like-minded, there must be a common language. Because you are the agent, your agent product is your source of income, which is the basis of your career, so you must be cautious to choose the brand.

select brand must recognize their own strength, the possibility of operating brand of course benefit is relatively large, the risk is relatively small; but the brand business threshold is relatively high, delivery discount is relatively high, the return policy is often more demanding, you need to have strong financial strength. If your own strength is not enough, you can not get the right to equal dialogue with the big brands, may be at a disadvantage in the negotiations.

select brand when not only depends on the strength of the brand, also must be aware of the potential of the brand. You must understand the brand boss’s business ideas, the determination to create a brand, the company has a professional marketing team, etc.. Some companies do not think it is a good brand to make money, try to hold the psychological operation of the brand, and there is no long-term goal.

also, you should pay attention to the product characteristics of the brand, is consistent with the physical characteristics and preferences of consumers and other habits in your area. Many brands of products sold in the south, in the north market will not necessarily have an advantage, the north and south of China female body size is very different.


two, scientific management planning


brand ownership belongs to the manufacturer, your agent, have the right business area, you don’t have faith in what the manufacturers who, therefore, more often, you.

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