Jiangsu net loan yields fell for 9 consecutive months what is the reason

net loan market in recent years, has been a very hot project. However, with the increase of supervision, there are a lot of net loan platform gradually surfaced. So, what is the reason why the Jiangsu net loan yields fell for 9 consecutive months?

with tighter regulation and industry reshuffle, the average yield of net loan industry continued to decline. Data show that Jiangsu net loan industry profit rate has declined for 9 consecutive months, at the end of March, Jiangsu province net loan annualized rate of return of 12.58%, a decline of 0.34%.

consolidated yield fell

mutual improvement in the field of gold makes the development of net loan industry into a strong regulation, strict self discipline. A quarter, many have suspended the Internet banking and other financial investments company registration; the CIRC issued a notice required by the Internet data and financial cooperation of insurance companies, insurance companies do not have fast window guidance and the development of the Internet business and financial cooperation……

industry standardization development to bring pressure on the comprehensive income net loan rate down, open Xin Internet Financial Strategy Research Institute released the "2016 in Jiangsu Province in the first quarter net loan industry business development report" shows that as of the end of March, Jiangsu province net loan annualized rate of return of 12.58%, a decline of 0.34%, has 9 consecutive months drop.

insiders pointed out that the "Jiangsu net loan yields the recent continuous decline, from the macro level, mainly is the loose monetary policy makes more ample funds, the scarcity of high-quality assets, the market interest rates down; the micro level, investors gradually calm and rational, more inclined to invest in large platform, and platform revenue bias reasonably and it also makes the net loan yields are likely to decline further."

many operational platform to withdraw from

Jiangsu is not the case, the national net loan industry yields have been in the downstream channel. Securities reporter query data found that in January 2015 the entire industry yield of 15.81% in the last year in December has dropped to 12.45%. This year to continue down, according to the data of the net loan home, in April 2016 the national net loan industry consolidated yield has dropped to 11.24%. The industry is expected, this year will decline, 10%-11% will be a more reasonable range."

The person in charge of a Shanghai

net loan platform "securities" told reporters, net loan industry overall has been a bonus period, returns back to normal and rational investors should adjust the psychological expectations, understanding the development trend to the decline in the rate of net loan financing income, do not blindly pursue high returns."

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