Sichuan start gem action plan

now social entrepreneurship is not only a social slogan, but also has become a lot of people are doing a social activity, in Sichuan will also start the gem action plan".

the provincial government finance office of the relevant responsible person said, this year in the provincial reserve will reach 1000 enterprises; 3 years will reach 3000. Municipalities (States), counties (cities, districts) and the provincial reserve pool 1:2:4 ratio increased to establish a focus on cultivating enterprise library. Focus on encouraging the Sichuan seven strategic emerging industries, five high growth industries, five pilot services, key projects and enterprises direct financing of small and micro enterprises will put in storage, and provide relevant policy support.

actually for a business plan that is affected by a lot of people’s attention, while the increase in Sichuan province such a plan will further promote and promote local social entrepreneurs.


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