[guide] in addition to what the World Cup match ball and face can see

men look at the world cup, watching the ball; women look at the world cup, look at the face. The spread between athletes is a green battle; outside, businessmen around the global expansion is a world cup themed commercial war.

only once in four years of business, naturally can not miss. A news report, a pet store in Shanghai, with 32 teams of pet jerseys, a small shirt price will be 46 yuan, a week has sold more than and 60 sets.

creative products to create wealth

"as early as a month before I was ready now, and the world cup related creative products very much, my shop has sold nearly 100 thousand yuan of products during the last world cup." The seeds near the stadium operating a creative goods store Miss Wu told reporters, "different types of products can be connected with the world cup."

accessories. Necklace pendant, earring, football lighter, glasses with logo, etc.. There are media reports, a German optician unveiled new lenses, called "magic lens" contact lenses for a football pattern, the other one is for the German flag colors, priced at 45 euros, sales in Europe and other countries.

to the world cup in a piece of business, experts have four suggestions:

A, early planning, early preparation, the opportunity will be for those who are prepared; two, product positioning, determine the object, customer and product elements are focused; three, pay attention to interaction with consumers, publicity, can take the opportunity to integrate elements, according to the product characteristics of the promotion of products, which is also called "taking advantage of integrated operation"; four, put forward their own slogans, such as "watching the world cup, certain to go to the bar!" Watch the world cup, drink so

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