Create a win win situation Haier join hands in 500 colleges and universities to establish a platform

encourage college students to start a business, is a win-win choice for individuals and society. Under the guidance of the government, the Haier group to play the power of enterprises, 500 college students to start business platform news, to provide more employment opportunities for college students.

12 15 June 2007, "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a win-win cooperation committee, the Ministry of education of College Graduates Employment Association and Haier hit off the acceleration platform published conference held today in Beijing. At the meeting, Haier officially launched the Haier channel for college students · beaver college students entrepreneurial platform, to broaden the Haier passenger acceleration platform in the campus channel.

It is reported that the

, led by the Ministry of national education conference, Haier Group Co, is to deepen the "cooperation" mode, through cooperation to build innovation incubator platform, provide more employment opportunities for college students.


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