Fashion brand men’s business skills

women’s market is very hot, in contrast, the men’s market is a little better, is a good place to tap wealth, fashion brand men’s clothing has become a popular choice for venture capitalists. Because now the men pay more and more attention to their own image, especially men’s fashion brand more and more men of all ages, so it also brings investors a lot of wealth, the following Xiaobian share management skills, to help novice entrepreneurs oh!

1, how appropriate recommendation:

when a guest is attracted by a certain dress, this is your time: ", sir, this dark suit is very suitable for formal occasions, and it is also a good match if you go to work. "; " this fabric is woven by * * * and is ideal for you to wear this spring and summer season…… "; " sir, should suit fits, should not be too close, not too big, like your slender figure, this popular narrow waist straight cut or fit single row three button styles you can consider!; " " sir, as you travel business people this, after processing, light wrinkle, easy care business casual wool is for you.

2, how to recommend try:

under the influence of your professional language, there is no claim that he began to experience the value of. When out of the dressing room in the guest in a suit, you’ll meet him: careful attitude to help him pull long pants to go inside, this trick to do his heart to let him feel the female meticulous and considerate, wake him up and then touches the heart; help him to suit all the buttons. The various parts of a professional level, look carefully told him: " because each person’s body is different, try to choose the most accurate way to suit. I want to help you pay attention, shoulder width, sleeve, sleeve length and buttoned waist fits, especially suit shoulder line and at the same time you should shoulder with hands, swing, to determine the wear free…… "

When this

don’t finish the sales staff, male shoppers already from the heart that buy clothes to buy this! About the guests will not move, you start to prepare the joint sales


3, guests leave can not be ignored:


all can be traded may have ended, the guests said " your service is really good, I have to go home after " you can see the guests, this is definitely worth and he has been sent to the downstairs door or side by side communication or parking lot, and asked if he wanted to call a taxi or seek help the car. He may have been recommended

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