Do you want to be a rich man to teach you 10 quick financial habits

want to become rich, you must first have a good financial habits. Do not think that financial management is how profound things, in fact, you can manage money. Want to become rich, the following 10 financial habits can help you quickly become rich.

1. savings and investment efficient parallelism.

View: no savings, absolutely can not become rich; the savings is not a virtue, but a means to work hard to make money; not for consumption but to keep savings, investment; investment is; time is money; savings and investment should be as early as possible; and lamented the poor, than to get rich.

2. debt is also an asset.

There are two kinds of people in the world:

3. even if the sky falls to keep the cost.

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The secret of

4. compound investment.

5. rely on common sense speculation stocks.

for the constant changes, this is the "common sense can earn a lot of money". Views: "common sense" to lead the successful investment; stocks and real estate have different approaches but equally satisfactory results essence; the diversification and investment organically; blue chip stocks to hold.

6. fry fund mystery.

View: passion and time is a catalyst for direct investment success; the pursuit of stability of the investor should do indirect investment; not blindly believe fund agent for your goods, look at the performance of fund products instead of past performance, earnings do not choose stubborn rate more than the average rate of return of the fund products, to consider stock funds do not choose bonds and shares mixed funds should choose only from the long-term investment, the mountains do not look at the mountain.

7. intentions marriage.

8. is not the survival of the fittest, but the strong survive.

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