College students to open an online shop to earn millions

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in the development of economy, more opportunity, but the employment situation is not optimistic, have work experience of a friend is better, just graduated from college students looking for work is very difficult, many college students have entrepreneurial ideas. Today’s college students to open the shop story, he encountered those problems? How did he succeed? Come and listen to his story.

graduated a year, shop with annual sales of 18 million, 2009 Jiangxi Environmental Engineering Vocational College five year graduates Chen Zhongfeng, relying on China central furniture industry base, Nankang furniture market advantage, from the beginning of 2010 the operation of the shop, the existing staff of 15 people, the profit for the year 1 million 500 thousand.

twists and turns round the entrepreneurial dream

2008 at the end of the year, Chen Zhongfeng recommended in the school down to Xiamen ZhengXin tire company internship, he wanted to start, soon tired of the boring life line, a few months later, he left the company to go back to school, in the park with his own shop. He told reporters that during the internship, the only thing he likes to do is look at winning in china.

successful entry, thanks to Chen Zhongfeng during the university students experience, he is a college station only, this opportunity not easily won, but "restless" Chen Zhongfeng only a year, from the beginning of April 2010, Chen Zhongfeng’s friend Huang Xinfu, has repeatedly invited him to return home, the changes in my hometown for Chen Zhongfeng to turn the world upside down.

The performance of

"we worked so hard to start the site, due to funding strand breaks down." Chen Zhongfeng underestimated the risk independent of the website operation, but he told reporters that the supply of materials, the market is getting better and better, he can not be reconciled, decided to change the platform, relying on Taobao mall and business. Facts have proved that Chen Zhongfeng’s decisive decision to save the entrepreneurial team. "Our Taobao mall is the third shop Nankang furniture industry, now the industry ranked more than and 80, the best month row joined the team in ninth", Huang Huachang Chen Zhongfeng is also responsible for art college friend, he told reporters that the team tried a lot of incentive sales.

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