Tmall to change the food category settled qualification standards have entered into force

news May 17th, the only product show that Tmall announced that Tmall will adjust the "2013 annual investment in the" standard "" Tmall 2013 annual investment qualification rules "," settled qualification standards include trimming "food" categories of settled qualification standards and store type flagship store. Effective from May 16th.

modify the rules, the flagship store in the operation of Tmall food, manufacturers, if the holders of the national industrial production license, but also as a valid certificate.

according to the only product show site personnel to understand, Tmall in the import and export food safety measures to increase the gatekeeper. The revised rules, in the import and export of food, manufacturers are required to provide the same batch (contract number) of the customs declaration and commodity inspection and quarantine certificate or entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate of health.

before the amendment, the import of food businesses only need to save each batch of imported goods declaration and health certificate (entry-exit inspection and quarantine certificate) for verification.

modify the contents as follows:


(content: only product show

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