Shopping guide site must exist

Taobao is no stranger to us, the world’s products can be found here. Cheap, this is definitely not in the mall. Taobao from the beginning of the establishment of a small site, the rapid development of today’s C2C, B2C boss, it is admirable. But lookers ah, like a raging fire and major C2C, B2C website is playing. In particular, Baidu (domestic search engine boss) also eyeing the Chinese market has a very large group of online shopping, then announced the launch of their C2C e-commerce platform (ah). At the same time, Taobao also claimed to be a comprehensive shield Baidu, simply say, when Baidu search will not appear in Taobao’s products. But we know that almost 80% of domestic Internet users are using Baidu search, shielding the Baidu is equivalent to shield the Internet users of the 80%. Although Taobao has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but this move is undoubtedly not to enter the Taobao Internet users set a threshold.

Taobao is also aware of this, in fact, shielding Baidu is ready to move. Taobao launched a Taobao guest promotion model, which is based on the principle of China has nearly 100 million of Taobao members to promote. By other members to promote the Commission promotion mode setting a commodity for the seller (through the website, QQ, publicity) – buyers through these links to Taobao to buy goods and complete the transaction the seller will pay the Commission propaganda this commodity member. It is equivalent to me to sell things to you, pull customers, after the transaction you give me money.

officially because of this promotion model, the rapid birth of a shopping guide industry – known as Taobao customers, as described above, the work of the seller to promote the commodity, so get commission. Some people see this will say, I buy things so that these two people are making money, then I am not very big head, I went to Taobao to buy a lot of good, why do you want to let this "Taobao" to make money?

good! Let’s talk about the "Taobao" this industry in the end there is no need to exist, there is no reason to exist!

first said that the benefits of Taobao itself: Taobao fully shielded Baidu, and part of the shield google. At this point, Taobao guest is Taobao’s most important source of new users to import, its importance is self-evident. Taobao guest without Taobao backing is not enough, can not Taobao Taobao customers most sword is absolutely not


the sellers: their goods can be overwhelming spread across the Internet, don’t worry about sales? The seller is relying on, sellers so good, good nature. The relationship can be described in a classic slogan: "he is good to me."……"

the most important thing is that we are buyers, we can not accept this kind of propaganda based on Taobao it? As mentioned above, most buyers do not want to accept this promotion model. Because she knew that after the transaction, Taobao will get a commission, as a buyer she felt wronged, not worth,

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