Sales easily announced D round of 280 million yuan financing SaaS PaaS will go to where

January 12th news, sales management services provider announced today, easy to get D round of 280 million yuan investment, the current round of financing led by Tencent. Sales easy founder, CEO Shi Yanze said that this round of financing funds will be used to strengthen the product and technical team to expand, upgrade PaaS platform industry solutions, while strengthening the construction of market investment and service team, to better serve the needs of different industries in different scale enterprises, help enterprises and customers closer relationship, truly realize the customer the center of the operation.

previously, sales easy access to Sequoia Capital in 2013 was $10 million A round of investment, in the same year in July to get Sequoia B round of investment. In March 2015, sales to get the latitude led a $15 million C round of financing, April 2016, sales easy announces C+ round of 100 million yuan investment, Jingwei Chinese lead investor with investment funds, real. At present, the speed of almost a year, the introduction of the sale of Sequoia, Jingwei and other capital support.


sales easy founder, CEO Shi Yanze

at the press conference, the sale is easy to release a platform based on PaaS education, wealth management, home improvement, media, medical and other five industry solutions. Based on the sale of easy CRM vertical PaaS platform, users can freely combine their business needs, so companies can avoid duplication of large-scale investment in the IT system. At the same time, the system has set up a set of CRM business logic for marketing, sales management and customer service, which can quickly realize the personalization of enterprise business.

in the completion of the C+ round of financing, sales easy also launched its own PaaS (platform as a service) platform and ultimate products, revealed his ambition in the domestic enterprise class SaaS market.

sales is not easy to do PaaS transformation." Shi Yanze said. Sales easy launch of the SaaS+PaaS strategy is to solve the user’s needs for different industries and personalized CRM business scenarios, he wants to build, is the application level PaaS.

because of the large and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to solve their business problems, for customized ability of the manufacturers will produce strong stickiness, therefore, custom development, has been the main business of domestic traditional software vendors.

but this is the architecture of SaaS companies on the cloud, but also the "pit". User needs are constantly changing, business logic and processes are constantly changing, the development process is very hard, and the increase in the cloud platform, will also affect the stability of the business.

and Shi Yanze, it is also in order to meet the needs of domestic enterprises to promote the development of digital processes. The existing traditional CRM service providers mainly focus on the internal management of enterprises, the underlying architecture is difficult to meet the needs of enterprises inside and outside the open; enterprise IT Department >

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