Taobao Travel Book Garden on the beach book retail Jingdong step footsteps

news November 18th, 17 new product launches "Travel Book Garden", the domain name "" page like, provide books products, user feedback and other functions, but sales still take C2C mode.

it is understood that the "Book garden tour" for Taobao, many new projects, starting at the end of 10 for the community to recruit WD front-end development engineer and 5 trainee JAVA development engineer, according to recruitment information description, this position belongs to the Taobao racing team "- Tour Book Garden studio".

racing project group is the focus of Taobao’s focus on the development of the future of the project and the establishment of a special business unit, the work and results of the report directly to the company executives.

analysis of network retail book is called "Red Sea", on the one hand, and Taobao mall itself has great book sales, on the other hand, including Dangdang, excellence and other large Jingdong, B2C has gone into the city, which has more announced today for the NYSE.

so that the person, set up a special book business, perhaps in order to supplement and expand its vertical classification, which had been Home Furnishing hall shoe, a plurality of vertical classification books will be juxtaposed to development. (end)

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