Crazy teacher financing 120 million force live teaching but seems to be a little late

O2O is still the Dafengkou, capital inflows continue to push into the market, shortly before the ape counseling has just announced a Tencent led the 40 million yuan investment, the tutor O2O platform crazy teacher announced that has received 120 million yuan C round of financing again today, by the King Lam capital lead investor, but coincidentally, crazy teacher is also the Department of Tencent.

in addition, the founder of crazy teacher Zhang Hao also announced that the company has reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent to join hands to create K12 live, will be formally launched in July 11th of this year. This means that Tencent will only live together with crazy teachers to create teaching, and will not cooperate with other families.

120 million yuan for the field of online education, is not a small amount of financing, especially in the context of the collapse of O2O.

how to spend money?

in an interview after the meeting, the crazy teacher said, the money of financing will be mainly used for teacher recruitment, Dingdang classroom is expected at the end before signing at least 50 annual income in 1 million only live online teaching full-time teacher. Zhang Hao said, we have always thought that a good teacher resources can not be met, the future of online education inside the competition, must be in the teacher. A course can be broadcast live tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of students, so that the average cost per unit of teachers is not high."


is in the direction of technology development and product packaging, promotion, marketing, etc..

in addition to the two aspects of the live courses, the average distribution, the community was established for only two or three months, the need for money to maintain the operation of human resources.

development difficult adjustment after

?This is not the first venture

crazy teacher team, after the establishment of the happiness of learning and teaching the main line, in Fujian local small famous, and has been profitable, but they feel that line teaching too much pain, simple line teaching has many not solve the problem, and online the market is not mature, so in January 2015 they launched APP flagship O2O crazy teacher, tutor.

had crazy teacher, in order to seize the resources of teachers in the industry is very large subsidies. It is understood that the "crazy teacher" teacher salary salary cooperation system is different. Among them, the basic salary first-tier cities cooperative teacher, as long as three or above the level of basic salary is 6000 yuan. As for the second tier city salary cooperative teacher, as long as three or above the level of the salary limit, / subsidy competition has reached 5000 yuan." Crazy teacher to adjust the wage system, it is clear to change the " between teachers and employment; " relationship, turned into a cooperative relationship, as well as service system.

but with the increase in the amount of subsidies, recruit more and more teachers, the number of students can not keep up, which led to the survival of the crisis teacher. In September 2015, wood net interviewed crazy teacher of the teacher, the article wrote: "

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