Ministry of Public Security over 9 into phishing scams and gambling site server outside

China Network Guangxi, Nanning, September 14 (reporter Shen Li) – China – ASEAN forum on information today to continue to be held in Guangxi, Nanning. In the fight against cyber crime and the theme of the meeting held in the afternoon, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau Chinese eleven deputy director Zhong Zhong said, more than 90% Internet users, phishing sites for the country’s fishing sites, gambling sites, servers located outside.

Zhong Zhong pointed out in his speech, the network of financial crimes committed by the crime of continuous renovation. Internet fraud, online theft and use the Internet to implement the usurpation of crime has become the highest incidence of cyber crime types. Network pornographic cases, hacker case is often accompanied by a membership fee, and reselling citizens information, blackmail and impose exactions on illegal profits, and has formed a normalization of the network crime. With the development of Internet banking, the use of network financing, online banking fraud and other new forms of cybercrime continue to appear.

, according to Zhong Zhong introduction, involving the crime of mobile Internet showed rapid growth trend. At present 80% of the use of social engineering methods (editor’s note: a use of " social engineering " to implement the network attack behavior) of the network fraud for the mobile terminal users. In addition, more and more criminals will be transferred to the outside of the country to carry out the crime of Internet sites, to take back the information, multinational joint and other forms of foreign personnel, to escape the investigation of law enforcement agencies to combat. According to statistics, more than 90% of the netizens for fraud website, China phishing sites, gambling sites, the server is located in China’s overseas use of foreign server, VPN cyber source to domestic users to implement the network crime has become a prominent trend of current network crime.

in the face of the new situation and new characteristics of network crime, Zhong Zhong believes that in addition to the use of the Internet mode of thinking innovation guard, enhance the effectiveness of combat network crime, at the same time, but also to actively carry out international cooperation network crime, advancing in the international law enforcement cooperation concept, cooperation strategy, the scope of cooperation, cooperation, and actively create a whole a wide range of areas, multi-level, effective against cyber crime international law enforcement cooperation pattern. According to reports, in recent years, China’s public security organs and ASEAN countries to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to combat cyber crime, and achieved good results. In 2014, Vietnam, Burma and Chinese to carry out joint enforcement action against Internet gambling, arrested 119 suspects, frozen gambling more than 6400 yuan rmb.

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